12 Apr 2010

My first "Published" infographic for Al-Ahram Establishment!

For those who don't know what an infographic is: It's a type of graphic illustration(design) that aims to paraphrase( sum-up) a specific amount of information that relates to the same topic(mostly)!

Recently I have joined the crew of Al-Ahram's technological development project ( a.k.a The folks of Web Developers, Web Designers, Graphics Designers, Journalists, and Network Programmers) in Al-Ahram.

So, Here are my first ever published infographic(s)- yes! as in plural 8-)- in Al-ahram newspaper for day12/4/2010

1-The Iraqi Elections Infograph.

2-The Greek economical crisis and its effect.

So, What do you say ppl?! SHOW ME SUM LUV DUDES, I'm in the Biggest NewsPaper in the Arab World!!:-D

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