20 Apr 2010

This is who WE truely are!- A Must C of a new kind!

Ibn Sina(known in west as: Avicenna)- Muslim Scientist and Physician
From the Advantages and Disadvantages- at the same time- of Internet culture, is that it made religious and cultural information accessable for everyone, and indeed, with the presence of "Everyone" at easy access to write and publish any info about anything, You can never guarantee that that info is True, and one of the major reasons for Cultural and Religious conflicts is that anyone can post anything that's not true and say and convince a no. of people that they are absolutely true and a trustworthy reference, and allow me to say that Even if what they say can have a portion of truth, that doesn't mean they Entirely are, or that they are saying a certain info just for the reason of assessing the truth and nothing but the truth...

    I have always been interested in the Camparative Religious Studies, I totally Love reading about other religions and beliefs to help myself have a somehow clear concept of life and understanding how people from other religions and beliefs think, perhaps the reason was that my mother always use to tell me- as a young girl-about the Christianity from her upbringing in an orthodox christian school( the feasts, the rituals, the prayers, nearly everything i knew in a very young age), So, I used the internet sometimes to know about more in christianity, judaism, even Islam and other beliefs, But I have always known that not everything could be true, even in religions i don't follow, Simply because it's not rational that a religion in itself promotes for violence for example or injustice, right?!
And surely i have found untrue information through my surfings, but a trip back to the Basics, and Logic always lightened my way again. And my readings always enhanced my love( or u can say Adornment) and pride for my religion...Islam, a religion or u can say "civilization" that like everyother civilizations passed through their good times and right now, the not really pretty times, we have to face the intimidation of the response of others especially abroad- we might sometimes not say it, but we feel it- and that doesn't mean we- by anymean- doubt our religion( god forbid, Never!) but it's about the prevailence of certain ideologies of political favours...
    So, from the Good sources that i recently found that speaks about Islamic ( Sciences, Civilization, and Modern and Ancient History) is:

It has an English Section of course, and it contains Audio and Visual Lectures about- i think- everything about Islam, you can also ask anything you want to Dr. Ragheb Al-Sirgany who is one of the Scholars in the site and the Supervisor of the site.

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