7 Jan 2017

This post has alot of I's in it

I've always loved the interplay of identities, to be everything I can possibly be, and experiment how people act in return... game still goes, game still shows. Alot you discover from such behavior, whether you do it on purpose or it just happens, for example: I have a thick Egyptian accent, it's debated among my friends "She never finishes a sentence with one language or one accent", this is not something I mean intentionally but I acknowledge it and I'm perfectly fine with it, I got me out of uncomfortable situations "I'm not Egyptian" is enough to put someone to silence, "I'm from Aleppo" was a gateway to tell me how a bus driver thought once about Syrian, "Are you sure you're Egyptian, like "Fully" Egyptian?" -Ummm, well that's debatable.

"Which colour do you (male pronoun) want?" -The grey one with the plaids, thank you sir. I never intended to be identified as a boy, I could've never fathomed he'll identify me as one, I can't do it any other way, I don't have a problem with it, and no, I would not feel the urge to correct him. I later figured how easy it is to navigate in the streets as a boy, than it is a woman. People would bump into you without freaking out or treating you like you're a fragile thing that you need to handle with care, you're like... Safe to be around. I was safe and unproblematic. I never really belonged to a somewhere, and belonged everywhere, I worked and found my call in Human Rights defense, not out of patriotism but out of humanity and trying to fix some of the prejudice I see anywhere in the world. I think If I can be a hulk, and take all the people who face bombings, hate crimes, child abuse, state abuse and negligence, take them to a safe place with a nice lullaby; get back to that stinky planet and just shake it off so hard all the bad people would just fall off into the abyss, I'd like to do so. I love the idea of God, but unlike many, I see my relationship with God a reason not to judge, modify, or critique anyone's relationship with their idea of God or Non-god in that sense... As long as that's what they feel happy, content and creating a more coexistent space, where our ideas are the derive to seek our similarities and look at difference in a delightful way. I hate the double standards people live with "Religion is for god, and nation is for all", "How could you do so?! You're not a Muslim if you did so, people like that burn in Hell (With a kiss from the appropriating society)" Things that needed to be highlighted: People who are capable of producing the utmost kindness, are also capable of being so violent... it's a matter of passion.

20 May 2016

No Force in Religion | Acts of protest, Hijab and the State

The upper statement is the translation for a well known verse in Quran, Surat Al-Baqara.
The Photos below have a 12 years difference:
1- The First Photo was in FRANCE on Friday, 1 Oct. 2004 When 15 yr old "Cennet Doganay" decided to "Shave her head" in protest on forcing her to take off her Hijab (Head scarf), under the French law banning all symbols of religious signs in public spaces including schools, also known as "Laicite". Ref. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3708444.stm
2- The Next Photo is a participation from a woman on My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایرانwho took the very same action, only this time in IRAN, a country on the other hand that forced Hijab as a dress code for all the adult females of its nation.

The Photos are alike yet not alike, you can see, they both shaved their heads in protest (commonly hair is symbolised as a woman's crown and a symbol of her beauty) telling the statement of "If the State and Law don't let me practice my beliefs freely, this won't be tolerated" also paraphrased in the Upper Verse to which those two ladies supposedly affiliate to.
The History of forcing women to a dress code by the act of law or society or both, is not new, and not exclusive to Islam, Prof. Sahar Amer from the University of Sydney in fact mentioned in her amazingly crafted book What is Veiling? A book by Sahar Amer this dating it back to ancient history. She also mentions The above mention acts of Veiling and Deveiling as a form of a statement in countries where veiling is prohibited or forced.

On the side of #Art, Iran's Marjan Satrapi did a masterpiece comic "Persepolis" (Photo No. 3 discusses the transformation of Iran from Prohibiting wearing the hijab (a.k.a France), to Forcing wearing the Hijab) in an arrogant act of constant manipulation of Female attire and performance.

But Amer also places other artworks that discusses the historical voyeuristic approach of #Orientalist Art in the 19th Century colonialism, and how the women were objectified in a sense that remain prominent till this very moment, due to the same act of cultural hegemony (If you studied Art History, you certainly will remember Photo No. 4 Le Bain Turc by Ingres in 1862)

(The book is a must read on all aspects and fields, politics, art, society etc.) as well as the Statement to be kept in our conscious mind, FORCED PRACTICE IS UNACCEPTABLE

22 Jan 2016

System is smart & Not funny, are you worried yet? #DigitalSecurity #Egypt

If you haven’t read the article by Mohamed lofty describing the current pre-Jan25 2016 scene in Egypt then you should now.
I’d commence my post from his description:
“Today in Egypt, human rights activists, lawyers, political activists and independent journalists all have to live with their phone calls being tapped, endless smear campaigns and hate speech from state-affiliated media, as well as continuous harassment and intimidation from the authorities.”

The description lands at no exaggeration, as reports of many Facebook page admins and using Facebook posts as evidence of incrimination in the police interrogation.
It’s worthy of saying that Cyber security awareness for the majority of the Human rights workers is not as firm as it should be, they mistakenly mix it their motive of transparency; a derive though noble yet irrelevant.

“As the need for your house to have Doors and locks, has nothing to do with whether or not you’re questioned for doing obscene things in your house”.

Let me make myself clear, this is not just important or urgent for those who work in Human rights! Taping is Taping, Everyone is a suspect, and if not a suspect, everyone is a nice nasty toy to play around with, listen to their calls with their boyfriend/girlfriend, those secret love words you whisper to you girl/woman, you don’t need to lower your voice, be sure there are at least 2 ministries listening to this Real-time, if not your service company as well.

Are we the only country doing that? Hell no! We’re learning from people like Russia, China and the US.
Phone: (Discussion of sensitive or insensitive material without the use of VoIP, Whatsapp)
Online Browsing:  (Facebook communications, Skype conferencing, Viber calls)

 On another hand, The Shorouk Newspaper dated 20/1/2016 1st page featured “Parliament members use very old Nokia Phones to communicate”, let me explain that to non-cyber readers.
  1. Very old Nokia: All Phones manufactured After 2001 have a little piece that can make any phone traceable anywhere in the world (on GPS), this has nothing to do with the other piece that provides you with WI-FI (which by the way is also capable of geo locating you)
  2. This makes the parliament memebers’ communication very discreet anywhere, if we also added no. 3
  3. The article explained that the Communication Network used in these devices prohibits any Incoming or Outgoing calls, outside the zone of the Ministers and Parliamentarians.
One would ask: “But that can mean that the Service providing company (Mobinil, Vodafone etc.) can listen!” That might be true, though on this level of VIP users, and in a level where the ministry of interior and ministry of communications are in total control of the communication service companies, these calls can be either totally encrypted (cyphered), or the calls could be recorded solely in the records of either ministries to be used against any parliamentarian in the needed time. The last option, however will not be needed, considering the blind loyalty of this parliament to the system, and them being already vital members of it, whether in Media or Law.

Back to those who are in one way or another considered anti-government, Hossam Bahgat have mentioned last August in one of his daily commentary articles for Mada Masr, that a group of youngsters were arrested under the allegations of belonging to the –now named terrorist- “Muslim Brotherhood”, the new, worthy of notice thing in this was not them being caught or the allegations, but the charges that included “Using TOR and means of Proxy and VPN in browsing the internet”, I’ll explain what that means, but first let me identify that This above mentioned quote is NEVER a crime anywhere in the world and not even in Egypt.

  • Tor: a browser that bases its browsing ability on blinding the internet service provider from tracking you, by simply walking you through a tangled random web servers that juggle you with different IP (internet protocol address) till you reach the destination website with an IP that would say you’re maybe from the Bahamas, or Germany etc. People use that to research for Videos that are Geographically unavailable, or research papers for their study (I use it this way, for my study) etc. It’s not harmful in itself, and Not wanting to be tracked –again- is a right, not a crime in itself.
  • Proxy: is the way tor works
  • VPN: Virtual Private Network: is like a tunnel that gets built away from the internet service provider (TE DATA etc.) where you can –somehow- browse more privately. (P.S All Windows 10 update has VPN Settings built in, check it in the taskbar)
(Other Similar vocabulary and their meaning in Arabic Here )
On another hand, lots of young police officers that the ministry see as smart with electronics are being now transferred to work in the Internet police, and being trained as CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers). Y'all feeling the “Ethical” part here?!
  • CEHs are those employees at your company that work behind desks trying to ban any virus or hacking attempt to your computer or network. Briefly, they are the Carpenter trying to build that door I was talking about in the beginning of the article, for you.
So you get everyone, The government is getting smarter in realizing the power of network communication system. This is not a battle of who’s hacking who, by now you should understand the You already are being tapped, but it’s a matter of you gaining your right for a private phone call, to know that your chat with your son, wife, sister, boss, employees, lover is NOT being anything but Private.
Think of this as the BATHROOM, How comfortable will you feel with the whole building watching you take a leek?

24 Aug 2015

الكلمة الأخيرة

الإسم: رضوى عبد الرحمن فودة
العمر: 28 سنة
الجنسية: مصرية
إيه ده؟: وصيتى

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
البوست ده مش بوست كئيب، فلو سمحتوا ما تكتئبوش، أنا شخص عندى تصالح جامد جداً مع الدار الآخرة، إن ماكانش الحاجة الوحيدة ف حياتى اللى عندى سلام تام معاها.
وعارفة إن البنى آدمين بيزعلوا من الفراق، بس اللى بيموت بيرتاح، ولازم ساعتها نفكر إن راحته أهم من أنانيتنا ف طلب بقاؤه.

لكل واحد فينا عمر مكتوب له... إحنا جايين الدنيا دى ترانزيت عشان نرجع للتراب، وكل اللى حاولت أعمله ف فترتى دى كان هدفه الأساسى إنى ابسط اللى حوالى، أو إنى أخلى الترانزيت ده فترته حلوة قدر الإمكان للناس على قد ما قدرت.
والبنى آدم مخطىء وأنا غلطت فحق ربنا ساعات، فحق ناس ساعات، فحق أهلى يمكن. ولده أنا بطلب المغفرة من كل شخص ممكن أكون أذيته. أنا فعلاً آسفة

كتير من أصحابى ومنهم أخويا كتبوا وصيتهم من سنين فاتوا.. أفتكر جه دورى.
الوصية هتتقسم: تجهيزات الرحلة، الذكرى، شغلى، ولو لى فلوس باقيه ورايا، وكلمة للصحاب والأهل والأشخاص اللى أثروا فى وعلمونى.

1- تجهيزات الرحيل والرحلة: (طبعاً أنا مش عارفة هبتدى رحلتى إزاى بس وقتما تحدث هذا ما أريده)
الناس ما تلبسش إسود (ماليش دعوة عاداتك وتقاليدك بيقولوا إيه) مافيش لبس إسود. إلبسوا أبيض وملون إنا مسافرة ورايحة عند ربنا ده شىء مفرح مش محزن.
مش عايزة عزاء، جنازة بس، لكن مافيش داعى لعزاء، لو عايز تزور أهلى زورهم يمكن عشان تحسسهم مثلا إنى ماسبتهمش لوحدهم أو أى حاجة.
(لأهلى) لكن لو لازم عزاء إتبرعوا بتمنه لناس فقراء ف الشارع، أو ساعدوا أسرة من اللاجئين أو المحتاجين. أفتكر ده أحسن.
فى الجنازة عايزاكم تنبسطولى، وتتمنوا لى إنى أعدى الرحلة دى بسلام، وإن ربنا يتقبلنى جسداً وروحاً فى الجنة ويريحنى فى قبرى ويبعتلى ونس فيه.
ملحوظة: لو جسمى فيه حاجة يمكن التبرع بيها فور وفاتى (اللى برجوا لو كانت ف مستشفى ماحدش يحطنى على جهاز تنفس صناعى أو أى وسيلة ممكن تخلينى متشعلقة كده بين الحياة والموت، لو مت أموت طبيعى) أنا بعلن إنى متبرعة بيها ليه أو ليها.
(بابا إمسك نفسك، كلنا بنموت، إنت بتنقذ ناس بعمليات التبرع دى بقالك سنين، ليه أنا مانقذهمش كمان.)

2- الذكرى: أنا شخص كان بيحب ربنا أكتر من أى حاجة فى الدنيا، وف الدنيا كنت بحب الموسيقى وكل الموسيقى الدينية من أى دين. عايزين تفتكرونى إفتكرونى بحاجة بتحبوها، وساعتها إنبسطوا وإضحكوا، بلاش كئابة عشان محدش واخد منها حاجة.
لو ماسبتش معاك أى ذكرى مادية، ونفسك ف حاجة ملموسة تفكرك بي، ممكن تطلب من أى حد من أهلى إنك تاخد شىء واحد من غرفتى هتفتكرنى بيه، أو صورة لى (ولو إن ماليش صور كتير).
المهم تفتكرنى ف الفرحة، وفى الشدة إعرف إنى برضه هحاول أسعدك لو قدرت حتى وأنا فوق.

3- شغلى: هو كان أهم حاجة ف حياتى، عشان البنى آدم من غير شغل مالوش لازمة يعيش. وأنا هكون مبسوطة لو عرفت إنى عملت حاجة من شغلى ممكن تكون ساعدت أى حد ولو حتى إنها تديله إبتسامة وأمل ف يوم سىء.
الكلمة اللى هفوتها لكل اللى بيشتغل ف التصميم/ الفن...إلخ: ربنا مديك نعمة، النعمة دى لازم تستخدمها فى مساعدة غيرك، تفك عنه كرب، تبسطه، تدافع عن حقه وحقك. إياك تستخدمها ف مصلحة ممكن تضر حد. إنت عندك مسؤولية دماغ كل شخص هيتأثر بأى حاجة هتعملها، فلو التأثير ده هيضره إياك تعملها. والمحتاجين ياما وأولهم إنت. راعى نفسك وإحترمها، وزى مابتدى شغلك إدى جسمك وروحك وعقلك راحته وثراؤه.

4- الفلوس: أى فلوس سايلة أو غير -حتى لو ربع جنيه- خرجوا بيه الغارمات. إحنا عندنا ف السجن ناس ياما عشان فلوس هايفة وقوانين أهيف وناس تافهة... خرجوهم لبيوتهم وحضن اللى بيحبوهم.

5- كلمة لكل حد بقى:
  • صحاب المدرسة/ الكلية/ الشغل: شكراً :) أنا لو فى حاجة كويسة فهى عشانكم. شكراً إنكم إستحملتونى السنين اللى فاتت دى وأتمنى أكون أسعدتكم.
  • ندى نشأت، ليلى فاروق وديانا يوسف: إنتوا كنتوا من أكتر الأصدقاء تأثيرا ف حياتى، ومن أنقى وأذكى الشخصيات اللى قابلتها ف حياتى. ندى، أنا آسفة على كل سخافة سخفتها عليكى، وكل رزالة عيال وأوقات فزع وغضب شفتيها منى. إنت أغلى من الكلام.
  • فودة: يخرب بيت جمال أهلك، شكراً على الصداقة والأخوة والسند والحكمة وكل كبيرة وصغيرة. عايزاك تفتكرنى زى مانت عايز الناس تفتكرك، ف الفرحة. وماتعيطش عشانى، عشان إنت عارف إنى أخيراً هابقى مبسوطة. ستجدنى إن شاء الله أرفع لك كأسا من البراندى من الجنة (بهزر، براندى ف عينك!) :) وهسلم لك على كل اللى تعرفهم فوق، إحم، وربنا يكتب لى وأسلم لك على الحور العين. عايزاك تخلى بالك من شريكة حياتك وأهلك. كل أما تعمل قرشين كويسين طلع منهم حاجة صغيرة ساعد بيها حد. خلى بالك من صحتك وغذى روحك وفكرك. كون مثل جيد لولادك (وإياك تسمى حد فيهم على إسمى أنا بقول لك أهو!)
  • فودة وندى نشأت: ربنا يكتب لكم السعادة والسكينة سوا دايماً ومايدخلش بينكم حد، ويحواطكم باللى يحبوكم بجد ويخليكم أنجح. إعرفوا لو لسة مع بعض إنكم هتواجهكم صعاب وتحديات ماتخطرش على بالكم، طالما حاطين هدف قدامكم إن إنتوا مع بعض وإن الثقة اللى بينكم دى ماتتهزش قصاد الجبال، وإن مافيش حاجة أهم من وجودكم ف حياة بعض، يبقى أى مشكلة هتعدى. تانى حاجة: خلى بيتكم عامر بالحب والإيمان، مارسوا الكرم والحكمة ف كل حاجة ف حياتكم، وماتناموش بالليل وإنتوا متضايقين من بعض.
  • أمى وأبويا: طبعاً مش عارفة هقول إيه ولا إيه، شكراً على كل حاجة حلوة ومش حلوة علمتوهالى :) إنتوا عملتوا مجهود جبار لو كنت عشت حياتى كلها ماكنتش هعرف أعمله. بابا شكراً لكل نصيحة وصبر وعملية حضرتها، شكراً إنك كنت حاططنا هدف قدامك وكان كل حاجة بتعملها عشان تأمننا. ماما، لو لسة ماكنتش إتجوزت فأتمنى إنك تعرفى دلوقت إن ربنا ماكنش كاتبهالى، أتمنى إنك تعرفى إنى كان نفسى أكون بنت عادية زى أى بنت بتتمنى الأمانى اللى أنا دايما كنت بشوفها هابلة ومالهاش لازمة، بس عشان تبقى فخورة بى، أو عشان أحس إنى يمكن أكون عملت إنجاز ف نظرك. وعايزاكم تعرفوا إنى مسامحاكم على كل كلام مالهوش لازمة طلع ف لحظة غضب أو قلق... وأتمنى تغفرولى ذلاتى اللى لا تعد ولا تحصى. إنتوا ربيتوا أجيال من دكاترة وباحثين... ماجاتش على وهتركزوا :)
  • رفاق الحقوقية والمظاهرات ولا للمحاكمات، فى داخل وخارج البلاد: أتمنى نقائكم يفضل فيكم، ماتتصدموش ف نزاهة بعض، أتمنى تخلوا حقوق الناس هى بوصلتكم، مش السياسة ولا المنصب ولا المال. لكن ماترفضوش لو ربنا رزقكم بأى حاجة من دول عشان ممكن تبقى هى دى الطريقة إنكم تحققوا للناس حياة كريمة بشكل أكفأ. إياكم والشعارات والجوفاء. إياكم وخداع بعضكم البعض. إياكم وتبرير الظلم. وإياكم والغباء والمغالاه ف الخطاب أو المناصرة، خليكوا أذكياء وإنتوا بتتعاملوا مع الناس بمختلف أنواعها.
  • لو حصل المقدر وكان فيه أى ظرف حلو المفروض إنه يتعمل عند أى حد فيكم إعملوه، إن شاء الله لو عيد ميلاد، ماحدش يلغى حاجة عشانى، الحى أبقى.
ف النهاية شكراً فعلا... إدعولى وإفتكرونى ف الحاجات اللى كنا بنعملها سوا، وقربوا الدواير من بعض، وإكتشفوا بعض. فى فيكم ناس كتير ماتعرفش بعضها، إعرفوا بعض بعدى، وإكتشفوا بعض ولو ماحبتوش إختلافات بعض، على الأقل إحترموها :) بحبكم.

17 Aug 2015

نحتاج إلى اساليب جديدة لمناقشة التصميم- مقال مترجم

المقال الأصلى بقلم: دانيالا سانجيورجى Daniela Sangiorgi. 
محاضرة عليا بالتصميم الخدمى، جامعة لانكاستر، إتجلترا

ترجمة: رضوى فودة

ضم التصميم فى خلال العقدين الأخيرين الكثير من الممارسات الجديدة. فأصبح الفهم التقليدى للتصميم كممارسة جمالية لا غير محل جدل.

يشكل التصميم اليوم ستراتيجيات المؤسسات الكبرى- حيث يستخدم فى خلق خدمات مبتكرة، طرح المشاكل الاجتماعية، أو حتى لتشكيل طريقة خدمات أو سياسات افضل.

يوجد كجزء من هذا المسعى ثلاث طرق لمناقشة ذلك التغيير فى هوية التصميم الذى حدث مؤخراً:

1- مد أفق التصيميم:

أثبتت المشاكل التى تواجهنا فى الوقت الحديث مثل التقلب الاقتصادى، التقدم العمرى بأغلب التعداد، أو التغير المناخى أن الوضع اعقد بكثير من أن يحل بإجابة واحدة. وقد فتح ذلك المجال أمام الحلول متعددة التوجه التى يمكن أن يطرحها التصميم.

يمثل حالياً النموذج الشهير Design Orders model الذى صممه ريشارد بوتشنان "Richard Buchnan" التطور فى التصميم من الرسوميات (الجرافيك) والمنتجات إلى الخدمات، والتجربة وتصميم النظم.

كذلك يشرح تصميم المركز الدنماركى للتصميم "نموذج التصميم السلمى"، والذى وضع ضمن تقرير "التصميم للخير العام"، وصف النقلة التى حدثت فى دور التصميم من التشغيلية (Operational) إلى الستراتيجية (Strategic)التى تخاطب كلا من السوق و المشاكل الإجتماعية.

تعرف الدراسة فى نتائجها، مراحل ثلاث من تطبيق التصميم فى القطاع العام، من أول إستخدام التدخل التصميمى كحل جذرى لمشكلة ما، مروراً بتطوير قدرات حلول تصميمية على مستوى المؤسسات، ووصولا إلى إرساء استخدام التصميم على المستويين الإستراتيجى والتظامى.

2- مساهمة التصميم فى الابتكار:

يمكن رؤية نمو دور التصميم أيضا من خلال مناقشة مفهوم "التفكير التصميمى" (Design Thinking). إتُخذ هذا المفهوم المستوحى من دراسات أنماط تفكير المصممية وعملهم كطريقة للإدارة فى الكثير من المجالات التى تبحث عن خطط تعامل بديلة للتغيير والإبتكار، وهى مبنية على فكرة أن المصممين لديهم رؤية معتمدة على الإبداع والإختراع التى يشكلونها خصيصا لتخطى عقبات الوقت الراهن. كذلك يقدر الحل التصميمى لكونه يحمل الطابع التشاركى، مما بشجع على الحلول العملية المعتمدة على التجريب- وهى خصائص مثالية لإيجاد حلولاً لمشاكلنا المعقدة المعاصرة.

3- الطبيعة الإنتشارية للتصميم:

تم التعارف من قديم الأزل أن التصميم هو فعل إنسانى معتاد. أقر "هربرت سيمونهاد" (Herbert Simonhad) فى 1969 أن:

"كل شخص هو مصمم يقوم بإعمال مجموعة من الأفعال لتحويل وضع حالى لوضع أكثر تقبلاً"

يساعد هذا الوصف على إعادة النظر فى وضع التصميم كممارسة تطبق بالفعل فى الكثير من المواقف المختلفة بأشكال تختلف حسب كل وظيفة والأخرى. كان قطاع "صنع السياسات" من أواخر القطاعات التى توصف بقيامها بـ "عملية تصميمية"، حيث تسعى من خلال توليد السياسات الجديدة فى تحويل وضع حالى لوضع أفضل. وتجادل "سابين يونينجر" (Sabine Junginger) أن ربط صناعة السياسات بالتصميم يفتح المجال حول التساؤل عن إمكانية التفكير التصميمى لأن يقوم بالتعليم والتعريف عن طريقة تصرفات وممارسات الحكومة بالأساس.

كما أنصح بالإطلاع على التقارير والمقالات الملحقة بالروابط

5 Aug 2015

Ditgital art : Segregation of the unsegregated

"The screening 'Transmissions' looks at the TV studio as a contemporary art laboratory, where Polish artists not only carry out media analyses and pose questions about the mechanisms of shaping TV content, but also expand the reach of their activities by extracting them from their usual context." -Transmissions.Art on TV 

My Thesis supervisor, and long time "sen-sei" recently asked my a series of questions on Digital art, from a critical point of view. The questions were the start of hard but joyous readings to articulate what i previously had in my mind as given concepts since I started reading about digital art in 2009.
Here are some of the questions in short:

1- What are the boundaries between programming sciences and art? is there any in the first place?
2- What makes the technological inventions an art? 

Here's my answer to you Dr.:)

"Now here comes the question you asked before- here i'll ask it with in context to video and photography as a predecessor of digital art- “What makes the fine line between video and art?” Don't we now see the Video and the photography as an art, calling the products of them as "artworks" and showing them in Exhibitions, even though some might basically say that the tool was an invention and the practice was a Media practice, not "art" per se (for those who hold a definition for art), and this was said! Then over turned either by time, or by articles like that of Walter Benjamin in 1936[1].

So, why then would one want to separate between what can be called Digital art and Invention, even though the fusion here between art & science is way more prominent and embedded with is both the tool and the practice :)
I tend to agree with the Open concept argument of "defining art" Theorized by Weitz[2], which is in 7 points:
1- art can be expansive
2- therefore, art must be open to the permanent possibility of change, expansion and novelty.
3- If something is art, then it must be open to the permanent possibility of change, expansion, and novelty.
4- If something is open to the permanent possibility of change, expansion, and novelty, then it cannot be defined.
5- Suppose that art can be defined.
6- therefore, art is not open to the permanent possibility of change, expansion, and novelty.
7- therefore, art is not art.
An that is because, I believe that it very much matches the interdisciplinary nature of Digital art.

Moreover, If we looked at it in terms of how the "output" is presented, and that the product being shown in an art gallery or a museum (or any similar institution), I cannot agree on calling everything that falls outside this institutional space "not Art", and Indeed it isn't, basically, because that will mean that internet art, bio art etc. “not art”, and that is not true. We will then look at is from the sense of Experimentation and Application, something that might –seemingly- separate between an artwork and invention (i.e. that artwork will tend to have the sense of experimentation as a Utopian aim, more than the sense and rationale of an Invention which is more logical and application based.
Yet we’ll find that the sense of Experimentation since photography and the increase of that sense in the digital art (which needless to say was practiced not only by -so called- artists, but by so called scientists and engineers as well) makes the Digital artworks wider and bigger than to seclude, or to segregate its practices or practitioners into labels of: Art, design, inventions etc. and proves itself above theories of Institutions and definitions that try to impose certain criteria on what could be called art and what isn't.

If the Question of Photography already eliminated this debate then we have definitely came a far long way from trying to apply such perspectives on something like Digital art.
And, even the fact that we still call it "Digital Art" is more of a name that symbolizes the paradoxes that typically only "art" can endure, the toleration of Experimental sense in order to reach something which can later actually be practical and of use (like interaction, or wearables), or to just be experimental for that Utopian, platonic desire to be one; That if we overlooked the intention of "artists" and "art institution" to only address a certain time of audience, in the current more mainstream context of "Capitalist Bourgeois Art Institutions" where the artwork being "highly experimental" in a sense that the artist must already know that only a specific type of audience will understand it, but if it's to be shown in the streets, he/she knows very well that people will not enjoy it because they simply didn't get it".

[1] “The artwork at the age of mechanical reproduction”, Walter Benjamin, 1936.
[2] Later explained in “Theories of Art Today”, by Noel Carroll, 2000, University of Wisconsin Press. (Provided by Dr. Shady Al-Noshokaty)

18 Apr 2015

who will pick my body up as i fall

we've been to demo's, in the past four years, we grew.
we saw people fall around us, people we knew. people who we know people who knew them.
People who didn't fall in combat, but in the after shocks (depression, suicide, chronic health issues, psychiatric traumas etc.) one by one you and i see them, lost, drugged, in prison or just hanging there trying to stay strong.

I came to realize that death sometimes is a privilege, you die, and that's it!
Yes, you leave people grieving and stuff, but they will have each other, they'll recover, or they won't but that's life.

But this post is mainly about what i think in an almost losing my life moment...
For me, I think my only problem is that I don't want to die in interrogation... i.e in torture.
I don't want to be killed by some bastard who'll be sending his hounds to rape me, then enjoy the torturing session after, and I can tell you that by now I have developed a very fertile, stinky, sickening subconscious of torturing techniques, weather on me, or me trying to get out of it, or -wierdly- me Doing it! (Which it the part i'm waiting and not waiting to try... the part that suits my vision of human beings as a subject of study)
I want to die standing, a shot in the head or chest, or a heart attack at work, boom, done.
but i wonder only then...who will catch me as i fall?
i know i'm loved as a daughter, as a friend, as a sister may be... but am i loved as me? or as who i show i am?
am i loved as a lover? no, not really.

Just as I write those words nw, i just knew that a friend was arrested yesterday over a "Protesting" case of which happened over a year ago, he was convicted for "breaking the protest law" and sent along with so many others, most notably "Alaa Abdel-Fattah" to a 15 years of prison... that friend is younger than me, much younger. they just raided his house and got him.

This is almost every week, and certainly no Month would pass without this happening.

The thing is that all this made me appreciate every loving moment i cross by, at first I used to be scared to tell someone I loved them, but now I don't, because when they pass away I want them to know they were, and because when I fall, i want them to know they we loved, and because before I go, I want to feel and know that I have said that to someone..
I wanted them to know they were loved as brothers and sisters,
they had someone right here, they looked nice in that dress on the other day
they were funny when they were lost in words,
they were loved even though our love would never be possible
I became more cherishing to the moments I get to tell people THEY MATTER when we are Both still Breathing.

But still, who will it be who catch me as I fall?
will it be some soldier dragging me off to the morgue
will it be some anonymous guy who doesn't know who i am, or where i live
or will it be this one person who might be the representation of "perfect" and "ah!"
or will it be a friend who might have and might have not known about me for a long time.