30 Mar 2010

Back from Umra!:)

Hey there folks, I have been blessed to have the time to go for my first visit to KSA to perform a Umra, which is in short, a religious pilgrim to Mecca that can be done anytime of the year.
So i did a couple of sketches there and shortly b4 that i'd like to share.
God! I Miss posting stuff- Darn that injury!:)
 Portrait of a woman with flowers- wax crayons+ markers
 Ka'ba frm mind- watercolour- A4 ( did this sketch with my eyes closed- it's so fun!)
 Al-Haram Minarets( also frm mind)- watercolor- A4 
 Abstraction- Paintpad app. on my N97 Mobile- I love this application!
Picasso abstraction- Paintpad app. on my N97-( I'm not a big fan of picasso by the way, but i just had the urge to make sth like that... so i did it!:)

I really had fun in my trip!:) I hope every muslim would go there-It's Ecstatic& Purifing- I certainly would love to go there again and again!

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