27 Sep 2013

#Typography Attack No.2 #Cairo #Design

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"Wahib &Co. for Book binding" Written in Nasta'liq (Farsi) + Thuluth
Zoom in of the Anglo Eastern Pharma. Entrance "Dispensing Chmists"
Anglo Eastern Pharmacy- Arabic written in "Riqa'a"

الشركة الأهلية للغزل والنسيج The National co. for Weaving and Textile
Arabic written in Farsi

Cinema Rivoli
Written in Farsi and Diwani (The rotondos)
Egypt Co. for Cement (Cairo, Middle and East Delta Office"
Written in "Riq'aa"

Weinstein Bookstore!

Weinstein Zoomed out- Written in "Kufi Moureq"
La Genevoise (AKA Gotham City Building!) and Carlton Hotel (Carlton Arabic is written in "Thuluth" 

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