25 Jun 2013

Must Read: Freelance & Other Design Career Articles

  • 25 Graphic Design Career Preparation Tips - By: Youthedesigner.com
Pro: Young designers who would like to start off the Right Way, it guides you through the Steps. 
Even if you're a Mid-career designer, you'd like this as a Fresh-up Basics Read.
Cons: Some of the Tips Do NOT apply on the Egyptian Education; But, WTH? If U LIKE IT, BE GOOD AND DO IT

  • Art & Design Career Options - By: Dept. of Art, Stevenson University
Pro: People who want to put their hands on What Exactly They're supposed to Do When they say "I'm a Graphic Designer" or "No, I don't do Flyers and Books, I'm an Animator"

  • 40 tips for brand new freelance designers - By: Nicole Foster
Pro: The tips are really realistic, and fits interms of what Egyptian Designers (freelancers and Others) face as problems, this article gets you to knw some dealing tricks.

N.B: In design business, the client is Not always right; BUT He's the business Owner, try to get to common grounds with him, and Before doing the Design "Study the People this design is Going to"

Advises From RADZ:

1- Get yourself Out There, put your works online, weather they were actually accepted by the client or not. If you think they were good enough, just put it.
Sites like : Behance.net | Conceptart.org | Deviantart.com are good to post Your works and get reviews on it

2- Revise Your Portfolio from time to time: You need to make sure you've got the good work out, so from time to time feel free to Eliminate your Not-So-Good Work.
Not only will that show that you take care of What People See, It will Act for Your Benefit, as a Personal Estimation.

3- Use Ur Talent to Promote A Cause (or Design Activism) It's a good chance for you to Contribute to the Society, And Promote something that You Like. You can start by stuff you already like to send awareness for in Ur Community (i.e Health Issues, Social Problems etc.) You might not get paid for it all the time, but sometimes You Are.

4- Educate yourself It's really important to do so, by Reading And Seeing.

5- Practice, Practice, Practice... NEVER Leave home without a Sketchbook and a Pen (Golden rule for Artists, Designers, Architects, Even Scriptwriters and Directors)

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