4 Jul 2013

This is 'KUNsT': Time in Olia Lialina's Artworks

Away from what's happening in the political realm right now (as we wait here for Morsi to Fall down in a matter of hrs), and away from the Design Business Realm that I have discussed Earlier; This Post is about 'Kunst' (or Art in German).

If you are a person who's been fascinated with Digital Art (like me) even before you even knew a Name for it, then this is the topic we're discussing, and We'll discuss it through two artworks, both has one common artist OLIA LIALINA (OL).

Ever since I stumbled in Lialina's artwork back in around 2008, it instantly raised questions in my mind... Like: TIME
And These are the Works I'm Placing to Discussion 

'Once Upon' - By OL and Dragon Espenshied - 2011

And "The Last Real Net Art Museum" By OL - 1997

In Both works Olia Lialina suggests the factor of time, One Suggests Endlessness (The last net art museum) which is an Open source artwork where people have been adding to it 'each named and dated' since shortly after its launch, that makes the Original and the Edits Both EVERLASTING. 

The Other Suggests Nostalgia; In (Once Upon) the Artists discuss going back in times of Dial-up networking and Netscape and How the Nowadays's sites like (Youtube) (Google +) (Facebook) & Even (Pintrest) would look like.

This Hypothesis and Nostalgia is one that most of us feel when we see GIF Displays, like this :)

It also raises the the question of how Accessible, Volatile (in a sense), and Everlasting these artworks are in comparison to Regular Artworks that you can only access through going to a Museum or a Gallery.
Weather DIAL-UP Networks or Wireless Networks that are like Air right now, the concept remained the Same:
"Artists Used Network, to Fight the Truth of Mortality through Making Art Eternal...Literally!"

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