23 Jan 2011

A day in my car #2

 ‘Stop! Don’t pass, you shouldn’t go on your own in the streets, not at day, not at night’,
’But Why?!’
 ‘Coz you’re a WO-MAN’,
 ‘And women don’t walk alone in the streets, it’s Islam!’,
‘Wait, What?!! Who?!!  Wh…?’
For god’s sake!, if you even had the slightest idea you’d know that women fought and helped next to men in wars in Islam, so how come I can’t walk when I - Alhamdulillah- am being conservative in my clothes, and above all respecting the teachings of my religion.. Of what ISLAM said, ‘what would you do if I’m wandering like those wearing all tight and stuff…’
‘… (Thinking: Imma grab that thang!)’, Well ‘bro’ that ain’t Islam, is it?! …  Q.E.D

And still, I must have positive energy, I mean, I still have got my brothers who respect women, even when they make jokes about how women are the ‘Salary Exterminator’ or the ‘Constant nagging radio’, and even when we ourselves as women make fun of ‘how they scratch their crouch’ or ‘how they like to be the Kings, though they really aren’t’, we respect each other, because we know that from our faiths.
Hey, I don’t see people using that word a lot, they say it of course, I mean, after all those years of ‘wear and tear’ and ‘Misleading notions’ apparently that’s what we became good at… Saying
And no… By ‘We’ I don’t mean the Egyptians, I mean ‘The world’… Thanks to slaughter of kids and women in the name of ‘Democracy’& ‘Counter-Terrorism’ for teaching us that, and but no… we should focus on ourselves first, which means thanks to murdering your own people, your brothers of the same bloody land and the same mess, in the name of ‘Parties’& ‘Positive participation in national dialogue’.
(... to be continued)
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