22 Jan 2011

A day in my car #1

Every morning, I wake up, I wash, get dressed, pray, Tell my mama I’ll call her when I reach work or college, Take my car and leave; and as I take the Elevator downstairs to my car, I think while reciting this “Ayah” (verse) of the Quran my dad taught us, that today I’ll walk happily in the road, Today I’ll always put a smile on my face for my brothers and sisters, seniors and kids to feel happy too.
I believe in what “The Secret “ book said, that if you radiated positive energy you’ll find positive energy getting back at you, I do that… I respect the traffic lights, I let old people pass even if it’s green light, and I do it with a smile on my face that gets wider when I see others stop as well and I see that person nosing his head at me and smiling as well, but after that I head to Down town or the Public streets…
The ‘Public’ that has little kids knocking suddenly at your side window asking for food, the ‘public’ where you see a woman on the pavement or sideways beating her little toddler to hell& grabbing him fearing he’d leave the pavement while the cars at Lebanon st.
I see, and they ‘re images that never fade from my mind, and I think: “I’ll add this to my ‘Agendo to change our condition’ List” , I’ll find foster homes for that woman and her kids, with sports, crafts, and schools, so that even if they kept doing what they do, at least they’d embrace and care for each other, they won’t rape each other after having a “glue sniff” or getting high on “crack”.
I’ll have recycling factories to keep the trash off the roads, because people are more precious than being in the same place with their wastes, Companies from my own capital; may be I’ll hire those kids when they reach 16 and let them clean those streets in shifts!
I’ll make the Elderly feel appreciated; respected for the things they did serving their country, they won’t have to care about growing older anymore, about how they’ll transport, or have their pension, or even having fun anymore.
 I believe in that while seeing that woman at the pavement, because I believe in positive energy and above all in God and his wisdom in all that, the bad before the good. I believe that if I’m doing right& beginning by myself first, I’ll have good things happen to me and to those I love, but then… Stop!!

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