24 Jan 2011

A day in my car #3

Say what… Let’s focus on ourselves, A Big “Ctrl+Z” in here, a “Ctrl+Z” on the disgrace we’ve become, the joke we’ve made of ourselves, for the men wandering in the streets talking to themselves angrily, and the 15% of female population losing their virginity before marriage… (Sorry, bro’s and sis’s of the western culture, it’s normal for you, it’s not for us, and it’s not super conservative of stone-age mentality, It’s who we are, it’s valuing what is the most precious and private thing to a girl is!, I hope that if you managed to respect gay rights and fight against anti-Semitism, you can take a small step into respecting our ideologies as well, I believe you can)
Am I a pessimist now…No, I should be, I won’t be blamed if I am, but No, I know the public need to feel that again, that feeling that seems so far away, like a beam of light at the end of a sewage tube, Respect and Unity… but, respect first!

In Hollywood movies, that I’m addicted to, the Ghetto homies say: “Respect is everything”, well, hell yeah baby, it is!, I see the lack of respect in the nation and it shocks me too much that it made me believe that perhaps we have our very own “illuminati” of our leaders, presidents and kings, or the ‘good dudes’ in the Authority that is away and out of reach from anyone, and those guys are convincing their own public that they are some worthless scum-bags and that singing in the name of ‘watani habibi al-watan al-akbar’ are way gone, as a camouflage for the enemies, so they’ll totally buy it, like they usually do! And then they’ll <>…
I must be crazy, for believing in idealism, secret communities, and super heroes at the age of 24, just like that guy in the street except, I might know more languages, meaning I can talk more!
But still, I’m back in my car, I continue driving to reach back home, eat my dinner, debate about various ideas with the bunch of Philosophers I call my Family, pray Al-Isha’ and thank the lord for the good things in my life, and hope he’d give me life till tomorrow to smile some more at the people in the streets and make my professors and parents happier.
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