21 Jan 2011

To My Nation of Pearls and Oils

I'm the humble Nation that always gave,
However, many wish to stand on my grave.
My children might forget (sometimes) that their strength is in their Unity,
But Faith, Pride, Morals and Endurance will always be a priority.
They are like the seas that surrounded them since the dawn of History,
Beneficial and Blissful and Just, but if Evoked, they'll aim for nothing but Victory.
They are the children that if one of them dies,
They celebrate him,
Put 10 instead of him,
But Never give up their tries;
I'm the nation of Pearls, Palms, Culture and Oil,
I'm a necklace that beautifies the World, and Gold is just my soil.
So here I am standing by my children laughing at those
Standing and Gazing at a Hole in my soil, and sticking their nose
Wandering how did they forget
That without me there is nothing they ripe but regret.
-Radwa Fouda-2011

N.B Thanks to "Ala'a( Louka)" and "Alex." for providing me with the raw material that I longed for, and that inspired my to write that.

Thanks to Tunisia that's Inspiring everyone of Us right now, for the fact of Who we are as Arabs, Peaceful, Honorable and never accept humiliation or oppression!

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