25 Jul 2010

The "Drive" home! Story in fotos!

Nearly Everyday if i mistaken and took that way "The Short, High way" back home "aka: The Ring road- Elda2eri", That what happens:
P.S. it should take from 15-30min back home, Actuality...
Notice how the OPPOSITE Direction is GOING!

... 2-3 hrs.!!
The message:  
-If you can share a car with a neighbor, a family member,etc. please PLZ,DO IT!
- If there's an accident on the rd. Plz don't stop by and look, jst to enjoy the scene! "If u ain't helping...TAKE THE HELL OFF!"
- If you're planning on taking the Ring rd., October bridge, Autostrade, etc. make sure you're loaded (books, tapes, air condition & of course "F&F"(Food and Fuel)
Thanks and Goodbye!


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