8 Jul 2010

Al Tompkins' Video Storytelling in Egypt!

Yeah dats Al Tompkins!

Yesterday we @ Al Ahram(a.k.a Work!) had a workshop with Al Tompkins. Who's Al Tompkins?! Why did our boss told us we're just lucky to have him in Egypt?! 
To answer that first I subscribed in the Workshop coz i thought the topic was thrilling and it was about sth that sooner or later i should 've known about "Video Story-Telling".
and Second, I googled him up from the notes i managed to get from the paper given to my boss, and here's what i knew!
Al Tompkins is the Poynter Institute's Group Leader for Broadcasting and Online. He's given seminars and workshops in 45 states, Canada, Denmark, Iceland and South Africa, and yesterday Egypt!:) 
He has a daily column in Poynter, thousands of ppl read it called Al's Morning Meeting and For 24 years, he worked as a photojournalist, reporter, producer, anchor, assistant news director, special projects/investigations director, documentary producer, and news director (GOD! This guy really didn't waste a sec., huh?!) He did loadz o' other things as well but this is just a brief.
"So,Why did you come here today?!"-he told me
"Because as a fine artist and a Graphics and Web-designer-to-be, I found this a good opportunity to know a bit more about Video Art, Web Art and How can I translate an idea or a vision i have to the public using simple tools!"- that was me answer- and he like that "Video art" thing:P:D
And What did I learn?
well, let me tell you that in short guys and i'm sure i'll be missing sum of the stuff i learnt as well:
-Keywords and how the mechanism of SEO(search engine optimisation) and Spiders works, which means when you write in a newspaper that doesn't mean that this is a suitable material for web.
-Web is about the Viewer not the Provider
- How to make a web interesting, measure and estimate ur Viewers statistics, including the time visitors actually spend on a web page.
- Really really interesting Webpages done by ppl who sumtimes were in the begining of their careers. and some of those people helped put criminals in prison, get innocent people out of prison.
- Tools and software that are very accessible for anyone that can enable anyone to report instantly, and probably assert the point that anyone can be a journalist.
- Getting used to a wrong issue in your country doesn't mean that it's not wrong or dangerous anymore, and does't mean that it's not your role anymore to report it, or open people's eyes about it to make things right.
- The public shouldn't rely on the governmental sectors on making every wrong right, Public should have the Public-Public Awarness Behaviour!
So, I Finally want to thank my boss for being an open minded chap who gives us such opportunities, and Al for not wasting my time and making it such a nice journey!
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