19 Feb 2010

Pope John Paul II

Just like that twitter status said right there on ur right side guys, I did this one (photo ref.), I really don't like foto reference, i never appreciate it as a visual painter, and it won't be any different on Digi ones, so i try to lessen it as much as i can! Just wish me luck Folks:D

Now, need i not to say why I- a proud muslim and an arab- chose Pope john paul II,  I think possibly because he and other people like him whether in Religious service or other wise, are people who just served to make peace solely and genuinely, with no masks, no hidden political purposes, or double sided faces! when this person died, i was aware of it, i saw people in here were sad for his death, i heared my mum tell me, this person was a good person, It's a loss for the world people like Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al- Sha'rawy, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, just left our world! May they rest in peace!
And May we just live in this life to serve the same purpose that God ordered us to do, Spread Peace!

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