4 Oct 2009

Our Agenda to change Our condition pt.2

You know guys, I don't really mean to call them reluctant or anything, but our Arab world- which is supposed to be the Islam Hometown- isn't really using Islam, or let’s say: not using it the right way... I mean, when I went to England, I have seen Muslims there acting way differently, Islam is a part of the everyday life, and even non Muslims are applying actions that are said in Islam, not because of Islam certainly, but because they simply are doing a right action... In a word, I tell my fellow homies here... that there, Islam is just Easier, I don't have to look like the odd sheep doing a good action... and I'm not speaking about the praying and the major stuff...I'm speaking about simpler more.. just mind relaxing right actions, like throwing the stuff in the garbage, like smiling in each other’s face in the street, passing old people in the road, or stopping the car for them for a while till they pass, oh! and being on Time, which most of the Arabs seem to respect only when they travel abroad, see, just simple actions, that doesn't necessarily shows us as Muslims, but as a person who's doing a right action, and showing respect to others.
In Khawater, Al-Shukairy showed us good habits that Japanese had been doing that made them reach what they had become, especially after being totally demolished in Hiroshima. He insists on the principle of not "photocopying" all what they do... Ya3ni el fehm 7elw bardo :-)... but Japan is a live example of Starting from scratch, is I mentioned before, their infra-structure was totally demolished, they suffered many years of radiation poisoning, and mutilation caused by nuclear wastes, but those who survived, took it as competition with themselves. A month later- a photo was displayed- Little kids were sitting in the middle of wrecks and demolish taking their school lesson!!! And during the very same time the ministry of education started laying down the new curriculums. Again let me remind you A MONTH after total Demolishment! Why?! because instinct and logic says that when some bully kick you flat to the ground at school, you should stand up back again, and fight back again... except for here's the Japanese trick! When Al-shukairy asked a Japanese dude: "Do you hate the American for what they did to you back then?!" He replied: "It's not about hating them or not, it’s about how we respond to such a catastrophe! To an extent the nuclear bomb, was a good thing in our history, why?! Because it shifted all the Japanese attention and energy from war and destruction to building their own History and people back up again!! And teaching that lesson of survival to all the upcoming generations." Now that is a lesson for the whole world... How to respond to having your butt kicked, I'm not discussing the reasons behind the divine reasons that lead them to have such an accident, nor for the Americans to do such a thing, but just the respond. Keeping in mind that the Japanese didn't reply the attack back by force, even after building back their structure and civilization, nor did they publically try to enter a one on one competition with the American! They simply took the High way, of doing their work and doing it well! Did You know that they had their infra-structure back to how it was before the bombing in just 3 years!!

“But after all the hardship they had suffered, the Japanese were ready to learn from their mistakes. So they went out and hired the best advisors they could find, among them Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a statistician who had worked in the US Army's quality control office during the war.
Deming's message to the Japanese: Don't try to copy the intricate structures of big American Corporations. Instead, Deming and others advised, build a new kind of Japanese company- a company dedicated to Employee involvement, quality improvement, and customer satisfaction...
It didn't happen overnight, but the Japanese company was reborn. Japan became a leader in technological innovation... With this new spirit in place Japanese firms didn't just catch up with their foreign competitors. In many important industries, the Japanese rolled right past... America, unfortunately, was one of the last to catch on" -Dale Carnegie(Author)

Those few lines I just quoted paraphrased what I want to speak about when it comes to the Japanese concept of technological resurrection. My younger brother- and he's a great fan of the Japanese culture himself- told me that the difference in Japanese concept is that they accept outside technology to Japan only if it matched, or reformulated to match their traditions and/or culture. When the Americans propose a certain new technology or even sometimes ideology, they expect people to mould themselves according to it! That's not a generalization of course but most of the "Weak personality countries" do that!, which what lead to the bad side of Globalization.

End of pt. 2, Await the Last part tom. Inshallah




  1. nobody can change his life except himself.

  2. yes, its time to change our condition.

  3. Thanks for the comment, and may I also add that no one will care about u getting better but u! not unless they 're ur really close friends or ur parents- after all these are the ones who're ready to do that for no charge!:D

    Wait for part three, it's gonna be thrilling!!:)