5 Oct 2009

Our Agenda to change Our condition (The last part)

A Group is nothing but a number of individuals gathered up for a reason that binds them together, that is what makes a community, a nation, etc. and for that they say "Start the right in yourself first, and be sure of it, and everyone else will follow", to build our nation, each one of us need to set up his/ her very own POV of this nation, and decide- while seeing other countries and knowing more about other cultures and filtering them to match his/her culture and ideology, or to match what he/she see as what Logic and Selfless Conscious could accept- the points that this nation needs. My personal experience is that I decided after seeing the Khawater program to right my very own "Agenda to change our condition"; I write it down in 1, 2, 3... And I take that little notebook wherever I go, where ever I see some wrong action that this community is used to doing and need to be fixed I write it down, Like: “More attention should be paid to waste and garbage disposal.” “There must be laws to protect citizens in public ways and abroad”, you know stuff like that.

The point from this agenda is that you will keep it with you in your library or something, every now and then you’ll come back to it, see what the government has actually achieved and/ or what you can achieve from your current position (7atta law kan el position da ennak Ba22al!). Try to advice people whom you see worthy of the advice to do the same. Do the right action, always, and not because you’re afraid of the punishment of the wrong action, but because right is what have to be done, to have a peaceful mind! A right action is what our nativity could accept, regardless the religious affiliation, you’ll soon discover that nativity and religion (not necessarily religion representatives) are not much different.

So, after this long ride, tell me; what will be the very first things you’ll be putting on your agenda now?! :) (Radwa Fouda, 2009)



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