3 Oct 2009

Our Agenda to change Our condition pt.1

The following article was a long one, so i decided to divide it to parts so it'd be easily readable; PLEASE DO NOT COPY, PUBLISH, OR USE THIS ARTICLE FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
The Prophet Muhammad said, “Any word of wisdom is the stray of the believer, who has the better right to it wherever it may be found.”
Instinct or conscious and Logic -in my opinion- is the base behind every action or concept the human person takes... And the reason why those two should be together is definitely because, some stuff could work as Logic but they cannot work ethically where our conscious is the judge in it. The fact... or let's say the phenomena that we (everywhere) are tending to normalize some of the stuff that are sometimes un-ethical and accept it as a normal change in the world under the name of "civilization" is just in my POV is illogical! And sooner or later that attitude proves itself incompatible.
From one of these things the trend of accepting all the technological changes to the community without filtering it, or deciding whether or not they are consciously acceptable to our societies or to our world in general or not. Ignorant in my own opinion are the ones who’re shallow enough to push themselves through such a technology or a concept and telling everyone its Modernization... I would ask that person, that institute or that country a question... Are you really being true to yourself?! Are you really buying that?! I believe it's all a matter between each person, his mind and his conscious, don't you think?
This Ramadan from the 60 to 66 shows I was told were being broadcasted- coz I'm not really the gal who keeps the timings of shows in her mind, even the favs- there was a show called "Khawater Shab" means "The Memoires of a Young man" by Ahmed Al-Shukairy, this year was the 5th edition, and he broadcasted it from Japan. I have to say that this guy did an amazing job, really, because even though I didn't follow it on the TV, I only saw random episodes on the internet, I really benefited, and it inspired me enough to write down this article. Another thing inspired me as well, It's "Agenda to change our condition" a book by the two scholars Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir, which what I partially took its title for the article.
End of pt. 1

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    - Aziza:Agenda to change our condition.. very cool ;)
    Like to read the second part now though! :D

    Yay for Shaykh Hamza and Imam Zaid!

    i've read you article and i agree with every word you said, some times i feel that we have totally erased who we are ,and i think when ignorance and the need to be hip and having the cutting edge of every thing wether usful or not are combind ...the out come is distructive and i do feel we do it consiously because i think deep down in all of us we were created with the truth inside of us unmasked we just choose to ignore it or supress it and i'm not only talking now about us and technology but us and simple things like trends ,i think that alot of us have truley lost the self respect and confidence to just be who we are, and when it comes to technology i dont think the west are any better at accepting and following technology as it ,is it like the blind leading the blind here.