2 Oct 2009

Sharing the Passion!!

My friend Basma is the gal who inspired me into loving Girlie Books after making me read parts of her Dorothy Koomson- The Cupid Effect when we were Tent mates in the GRAD. Project- good times wallahy- anyways back to the pt. few days ago we met, I showed her my new book and she showed me hers, and we went to Diwan( A Big bookshop in Cairo) for book hunting, and there we talked about an Idea that hit her, to make a Book club!

Well... Today she actually did that on FB, So from me place in here I'd like to Invite every book worm in the place to Join and share us the Passion Of BOOKS, COFFEE, AND CHOCOLATE!

And as for this Blog... await my new book review soon inshallah!;)


  1. Nice! I know of a book club taking place in Diwan too. I think the next session would be next Friday. How about that? 2 book clubs would be better than 1 :p

  2. Sure, just hers is an online one:) I don't think an actual book club could take me in, coz i'm the slowest reader ever!:S

  3. I've been to book clubs where members read the wikipedia page about the book and the author and came to discuss the book! It's not like members read the book 3 times and come ready to engage in a literary discussion u know :) did u try it? u should at least once. It's something any reader has to experience at least once in his life :)

  4. Reallyyy?!!! Ppl do that?! Wikipedia! I thought book clubs are like u have to read the book!
    I never tried it b4, u know that sounds cool! imma try find time and actually check that Diwan club!
    ... Wikipedia?!! who would have thought!

  5. Don't forget, you're in EGYPT! Everything momken tetkarwet 7atta el eraya :)