22 Apr 2013

The WOW Project- Part #1 (The Book and the Gathering)

The Book:
Graffiti Gaza; Is a Book that You Must See, because It's an Insight to How Graffiti actually started in Gaza!
The Writer/ Photojournalist: Mia Grondahl did it again, this time, in the Heart of the Nation, In Egypt.
"Revolution Graffiti- Street art of the new Egypt" Basically talks about the Graffiti Done in different phases of the Revolution, so far. Providing an Historical background on the Murals and Ancient forms of Graffiti in Egypt, Grondahl Paves the way to her book smoothly till you logically find yourself diving into the 21 Century Political Atrocities and it Artistic Feedback.
The Book includes a Crazy amount of Graffitists from All over Egypt, For Example:
Moh. Khaled, Ganzeer, Aya tarek (The Beauty Queen of Azareeta), El Teneen, Ammar AbouBakr, Hanaa AlDaghem, Sad Panda, Nazeer, El Zeft, Hend Kheera, Mira Shihadeh And so many others, including Myself.
My Copy :)
The Gathering:
Following the book Mia Decided to Launch a Project Called: Women on walls ( WOW- ست الحيطة) In arabic.
The project aims to Address Female Issues, with the aim of Empowerment as well as spotlighting the Issues.
The Book launching Event was on the 5th of April 2013 at a Garage in Downtown Cairo, with the presence of the Collaborating Artists, a
The First Workshop was in a Coptic Monastery- it was like heaven- called "Anafora" (means the Offering). We Knew alot about ourselves as people, gender, and sexes, and a hint of what the community actually suffers from, Thanks to Sondos Shabayek, And Sally Zohney.
During the workshop, we confirmed the WOW Teams across Egypt along w/ their Leaders:
Luxor (Ammar Abu Bakr) - Mansoura (Mohamed Khaled& Ghadir Wagdi) - Alexandria (Aya Tarek) - Cairo (Mira Shihadeh &El Zeft)
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Next.. The Update on the Cairo Team and My WOW Experience, C Ya

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