13 Jun 2012

Harassment in Egypt- Political Social and Medical

Here's my 2cents' Tweets on the Blogging and tweeting day Against Sexual Harassment, hope it's an Inspiration to any one who Makes a Law or works in Social Services:

 because of sexual harasment, i stopped walking in the st. frm the age of 16 till the Rev. when i was 24 ys. I Told my mum of the attackers, there's no shame in that, i was a victim and they had to be punished, but we couldn't find them unfortunately.

For those who still think that being harased verbally is a kind of 'compliment' there's a huge diff. bet. appreciation n violation 

Exhibitionism as a form of Harassment:
There's also the incident of 'Exhibitionism'* which is when a person gets partially stimulated by exposing their genitals to strangers
'Exhibitionism' is the medical term for that psychosexual disorder, it's mostly in Males. 
The automatic reaction frm women: panic, fainting sometimes, screaming. this is totally what U shouldnt do ladies, Why?... 
An 'Exhibitionist' as i said Enjoy the panic, in the treatment section, total disregard &jst a disgusted 'are u nuts?' look will work 
U dnt have to swear at the attacker or anything, they will feel so ashamed of themselves and take off. they ddnt get their aim 

Relation bet. a Harasser and an Exhibitionist:
The Harasser is a psychosexual patient, havin' joy in doing a sexual action n knwing the recipient is not content isnt '3ady Y3ni' 
The way i see it, the molester and the harasser are v.much like the 'Exhibitionist' they're jst not that 'out loud' 

And because there isnt an attacker who's not a victim in the first place, if a community want to fix that prob. here're the ways: h

1-there must be a firm law that criminalised molestation, rape, harasment &penalty should be studied v. carefully to achieve its aim
2-socially, friends should disregard that behaviour bet. each other & forsee what they could be &knw that this aint a sol. 
3- w/ the Law, There should be a "Hotline" to report molestations, rape, harasment etc. provided w/ emergency assistance 
P.S: As for a law you can read this article From AlArabiya

There isn't a single person who likes to be Harassed  Man or Woman...
And the person who Claim they find pleasure in being harassed suffers frm a Seriously Low Self-Esteem, they Need help 

Part of the Sexual harassment is the Underground Politics way to stop certain ppl frm doing a certain action  like what's in

In  Many girls& women were violently harassed frm Police in Moh. Mahmoud st. frm them   ...  was interviewed later dat day on TV w/ two broken arms, saying how harassers acted & More imp. How Sum men DID NOTHING! 

And In  when the March was Attacked recently, there wasn't the police, they were "Thugs"...Of the police ofcourse 
The New fashion in that March was that there were reports of Men who pretended to rescue the women n instead they were Harassing too 

For that and for further actions that Will Happen like that there's that simple Suggestion... 
Going to a March? take a rope w/ you (7abl 3'aseel) it'll come in handy when u fix a Harasser to a Pole,&Believe me U'll Find Support

*References like "Merk's Manual" "A Guide to Psychiatry- Prof. Ahmed Okasha" and other ref. here and there through life:)