10 Nov 2011

AGAINST Court-Martials For Civilians #nomiltrials

Just want to say, As much as I enjoyed doing stuff for the #NOMILTRIALS Group, as well as the Honor of meeting the folks there. I Hope i wont be adding more faces to the posters isa, or even Better DO Any More Posters for detainees and Victims!:)

Coz I dnt want Mothers like Dr. Laila Soueif( Alaa abdel- Fattah's and Mona and Sanaa Seif's Mother) have to go on Hunger strikes for their sons, and Brothers, Sisters and Wives Not knowing What's gonna happen to their loved ones.

I Don't mind being added to the List myself -infact i dreamt about all yesterday- But If I'm going in, I'm Not Coming out ALONE!

A note for the Activists:
For me, This hassle of Military Trials Have to End, and With all my respect to the Outside campaigning, I See that People In HERE need more awareness for the Matter.

They are not supporting it coz they feel like they won't be harmed from it!- it is the thing in common i hear from all those With the Military Trials (Or Court-Martial).

Dr. Laila I Hope the Best for you and Manal, I hope your family and All the Others see their loved ones soon inshallah.
 And my Mum sends you that message since she doesn't know you Personally:
"Those who fight for the Right are meant to living Hard. I feel i have my own son in Detention not just for Alaa but for all the others as well. Alaa's Country Needs Alaa and his Mother to Stay Strong, for the Country and For others"

The Models above are the Bumper Stickers for the Cause, For those who live Outside Egypt, and Wish to support our Cause by REPRINTING, save the Image and Reprint it where you are. DON'T EDIT the Design. I grant You Permission of Reprinting and Distribution.
The Site has enough information about the Cause and the Detainees and the Victims.

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