29 Oct 2011

My #Graffiti Posters today #Oct28 in #tahrir

Thanks to @MnaEsam For the Foto!;)

Though I am not really the kind who Swears at others but the Scaf and Pigs (AKA Police) doesn't leave me the chance for my posters to go sore. so Here are the Posters I did today with an amazing Gang all the way from Tahrir (El Mogama3) following Talaat Harb to Abdel Moniem Riad Sq.
Here are the Source for the two Posters for Reprints
OmKolthoum  El3ar

We 3al 3omoum ana habattal ashtem fel Graffiti Ba3d kda, 3ashan el mafroud en el wa7ed yt3amel ma3 el manazer di mn Tarbeyto msh Tarbeyet el 3ado... Long Live Gandhi!:)

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