19 Nov 2011

Enough Is Enough.. DOWN WITH #SCAF, #PIGS& #OccupyMaspero

I'm not saying much in this Post. the stuff that has been raining on my Bloody head all day will:

at the beginning of the day, this is what we wake up on
 The Pigs a.k.a the Central Security Forces attacked the peaceful protesters who sat-in Tahrir square along with the Injured of the Jan.25 revolution who were protesting for Days for not recieving any medical aid till now.
Gas Bombs... that's a New Kind
Another Gas Bomb photo posted by @SalmaSaid

@RamyRaouf Posted the Two Rubber Bullets fired at him a short while ago
Our Friend Activist/Malek Mostafa Lost his Eye after being shot today...He's still Smiling!
Mostafa Sheshtawy's PhotoStream for the Injuries in Tahrir

If you're Hypertensive don't read the Upcoming Lines- The Police& Government Reaction

That was Right after General Samy Sedhom's call
The Above lines nearly says what Samy Sedhom said except for his accusation that "the People in Tahrir were nothing but thugs who had nothing to do with the "Glorious" revolution. and that the Police are Very capable of handling them and any corruption that will be done to "Spoil" the "elections""

N.B. Everyone in Egypt knows that the Elections are a game, and we Already know that the Ikhwan will win them, so they would put the resolution that the Scaf want, and agree on the "Selmy" Pact "وثيقة السلمي" and if any protests came after that they will call the protesters the same they are doing now, and SPOIL THE PEOPLE'S MIND and Turn them Against Us USING THE CORRUPTED MEDIA

TITLE: Police Didn't use any Firearms, Cartridges or RUBBER Bullets!!!

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