7 Sep 2011

Graffiti at Israeli Embassy in Cairo

Today i decided to go to make a small graffiti at the Israeli embassy in Cairo on the Notorious Apartheid the Gov. Built thinking they'll protect those farts.

My contribution was a small due to lack of time but the stencil is everywhere in the wall:D
It "Natenyahu's" face- I had to say this a couple of time
Also wrote : Israel (1948- 2012)

Finally I learned a couple of lessons Today:
1- I still feel like my "default mode"  is like an "alien mind" among my fellow Egyptians, No matter how much i try. Which is not making me happy because i dnt like faking and I can't.

2- Rather than the ACTUAL Graffitists and People who actually know Graffiti, I strongly feel that Egyptians and Press still tend to thing that Graffiti is some sort of a "Posh Fine Art" or like "Painting"... they Take permissions and ask your permission to leave them a space to paint on or to paint one for them :)

(Please if any one saw a Better Photo of this image or Photographed it they could send me the Photos).

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