29 Aug 2011

Posters Anti-Assad and Banging Barak

 One Word for AlAssad: When they hunt a Lion, he usually just Trip and Fall into a Deep Hole in the Ground and Never comes up again alive! N Ur Hole will be Dug in Hell!

I'm not an Anti-Semetic, But I am an Anti-ZIONIST
I do believe Jews should live anywhere they want, as Jews, which is already happening and has been there since existence in Arabia and other Countries.
Arab Jews Lives in Morocco, Yemen and many other countries as Proud ARAB JEWS, just like Muslims and Christians.
If there is only one thing that is Messing the Jews life it's definitely Zionism, Which is a Political View NOT Religion Based but Uses Religion as a Front guard and a Reason. Just Like Terrorists Used Islam to justify murdering of children and women, and Just like KKK and Hitler Used Christianity to Justify all the Genocides they did.
I have a TOTAL Honor and Respect for Islam and Thus Ordered and Honored at the same time to Respect Other peoples faith. Why?!
Simple, Because There is NO Religion on this Planet that promotes Hatred, Murder and Exiling other People off their land in the Name of HOLINESS. It's the behavior of man-kind that messed religion up.
My reason why i think Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semetism?
well, the list is as long as Judaism is on this Earth, perhaps even longer.
but i just asked my self a question, is there any where else in the world where Jews are killing Muslims and Christians and pushing them off the Land. My answer with a PERSONAL Experience and Observation was NO! Only in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, And therefore there must be Something with in this case that makes it odd, it's Not Judaism that Triggers it's Zionism.

My Solution for those who Will ask about the Jews in Israel and where they should go when it's the Homeland, is that they're welcomed to live as their fellow Arab Jews treated As Equal as their Fellow Muslims and Christians. In an Arab Land, based on Efficiency and Not Religion! I'm sure this will be a Safer more Peaceful alternative that the Two Teams Finishing each other up coz they got Ham-Heads as Politicians( And I'm speaking about BOTH SIDES)!

That's My own Opinion, my Own life time research and conclusion so far, judging on both sides and Disregarding the fact that I'm an Arab so I can try to be as Neutral as Possible, I never mind debating diplomatically. Coz I'm sure there are lots of people who at least partially agree with my opinions.

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