27 Jun 2011

Contemplations of Life and Faith

When I decide to Post something on that Blog and Share it with you guys, It's usually either because it's special to me( like a good piece I finished and I'm excited about so I share it with those who might care) or Something I'm Just Wondering about, and if you were raised in Home like mine, with a Mum like mine, Where debating religion, Anthropology, Health issues( for sure), Health issues in relation to Traditions and customs etc. is the Norm. while it apparently isn't the Normal thing in Egypt, you'd be Wondering... Alot!:)

I've always thought that my parents are open minded, as long as it doesn't reach the religion rules!( Logic), But as I grew up I started to wonder about religion, I was Born a Muslim, and I'm proud of it, but Why? It's a question that I believe everyone should ask, When I asked it, and started reading about other religions, philosophies and practicies Like Yoga, and Meditiaion, I found out how Islam Has Wonderfully combined the Spirituality of Yoga and Meditiations in things Like Prayers, and Logical Stuff about Rules to regulate life, organise nations and countries and economy, which I tend to believe religions like Judaism has, also rules about warefare and strategies and many other things, This gave me conclusions:

Religious symbols from the top nine organised ...Image via Wikipedia
1- Judaism is the Closest religion to Islam in many terms, unlike what is usually thought that Christianity is.
2- All religions and Beliefs can NEVER Order its followers to kill innocent people under any condition. Remember KKK and Hitler were christians, Ariel Sharon is Jewish, Binladen and Al qa'eda are Muslims... but judging Religions Should never rely on these People, It should Logically rely You reading the Context of that religion and ask your own Conscience and Mind weather this makes sense or not!- Simple:)
3- All religions have something to do with eachothers, also Logic, weren't they all targeted for the Same Kind( Human Race) for the Same reason( Organisation and Peace)!
Some other people- like my brother for instance- also asked himself the same question, but him being More Spritual, and Cultured than Myself (Bless him)- Found the core sprituality of Islam through Buddhism, Taoism, and "Capoeira"!

The Matter is now about things inside the relgions, that were refused or not preferred, but they fall into that Grey Area( in my opinion), and How do we deal with them, and with people who fall into that grey area, specially of those who fall into the grey area Are- infact- Good Practicing Believers!

There are practicies (Like Smoking for instance) that eventhough I seemingly liked when I was younger, they are refused at home, for health and religious issues, but I know Loadz of people who are Smokers who are good people, So, Smoking doesn't make a Person Bad or Good, His behaviours does, But I stopped thinking about smoking because:
1- It's a waste of Money& Health
2- Why would I do something that will Damage my health and Won't relief me stress. Meditation is Better.
3- It doesn't taste that Nice!

Here are questions I have been wondering and to a certain extent I tend to disagree with my Parents with :

- To what extend does Religion Accept the Various behaviours of its followers, regardless what Traditions and customs of certain cultures!
(Knowing that our prophets have always accepted people very friendly, for who they really are, if they were good people, and even if they were hostile, and That we can't really Tell if someone is going to hell or heaven, 'coz we are not the judge and Never will!)
- Shouldn't we accept people if they are good and reach the level of Agreeing to Disagree on somepoint, as long as it doesn't harm our interests, and Just agree not to mention The subjects that makes us angry of eachother!
(We do that daily anyway: You don't discuss Arabs internal conflicts and the superiority of some of them over the other, when you Are with an Arab Friend, 'coz they'll be offended/ You don't discuss Terrorism and Islam and the opinion of Media infront of a Muslim 'coz that is a touchy matter!)
I know some of you guys belong to more that one cultural background, So, If you met situations like that what would you do, To be more specific, I'll mention two situations:
A: You recently met this person, he/she are really nice, and you became friends, you agree in alot of things and they might even be believers, but then you find out they are Gay, what would you do?!
B:You Fight for a cartain cause by heritage (Like the Palestenian Cause for example), and then you Meet someone at school or work Who's a Jew, but Still a very nice person who respects you and your religion, and your Ideas etc., what would you do?!
Share with me Some situations of your own, and Let's see how our Cultures and Beliefs Draws how we act and To what extent!


  1. very interesting read :)made me think which is always good on a sunday you seem to have a brilliant mind keep it busy :)
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