8 Feb 2010

"My" Series of Unfortunate events

Ok... here we go, coz up until today, i didn't think there's really anything to right about, after all-to me- they were just sum minor accidents, and i didn't really have to make a big deal out of it, But it's got really over the top 2day, i just felt the Urge to mention it out loud!

It all started last Friday, that's just a couple of days ago, It was a happy day in general, coz my cousin- and like an older sibling for me- was getting married that day, Horray, isn't it. And for me it was a day where ppl were going to see me- the tomboy- wearing a Dress... But ah...ah, just after i finished putting that newly tailored, only worn once, never been seen by the fam., dress, I sat accidentally on my bed, totally forgetting the unfinished breakfast  I earlier had placed on it, to eat while I'm staying warm!, and Warmth could be the word i instantly felt after that sit, A big circle of that Tea latte was like laughing back at me from the back of my dress... I washed it but noway, it had to go for dry cleaning... Anyway, It was no biggie, i put on that new suit, n it went just fine, and for me the important thing was to share my big bro. his moment, not to show off!
That's alright for one day, But yesterday, I went with two of my cousins, my bro, my dad, my aunt, and one of my cousin's husband, to dine out at Sea Gull- one of my fav. Fish restaurants- The day went just fine! but i had that Rash right after i arrived home all around my mouth!!! I DON'T HAVE FISH ALLERGY, for crying out loud!:S Ok, i took that med. mumy gave and hit the sack out of tiredness!
THEN TODAY CAME, I woke up! fresh and sweet n seems like a perfectly normal day, I took my daddy's spare car, and Headed off to my Part-time job, i the nearby district, I arrived, parked the car, in the parking alley, just the opposite side of where my work is, and as i was crossing the road, Ok Mini road-coz it's reallly narrow- I Heared a Horn, took a step back suddenly to find myself avoiding a 4x4 truck, that by that time, Had Ran on my Toes, i didn't realise how bad it is, until I actually saw the Half of my foot off the torn shoe!! Ok THIS WAS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE OK! I thank God for everything, of course, I mean, I was just Litterally a STEP AWAY from being RAN OVER by a Truck.
But again, after a second thought, and with me sitting now on the couch at home, thinking about my first ever Fainting experience(s), and my bleeding toes-especially my big left toe that is ruined- and all these stuff in the past three days, that just seem to much for me! what does god want me to know out of this, Def. no the -you are always a step away from death- lesson, coz i live my day as if there'll be no tom. so what could it be Ya Allah?! And again i must say El7amdolillah(Thank Allah) for everything, this is soooo good, it could have been much much worse!

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