19 Aug 2009

New Mnth New Look!

Salam everyone, Kol sana wento tayebin, I'm really excited, and looking forward to meeting the holy month..Yaay!:)

For those who don't know what Ramadan is, It's a hijri mnth in the muslim lunar calender where muslim Fast from Sunrise to Sunset, we dnt eat or drink... Sounds hard but it's really fun!:), anyway.. beside not eating or drinking, we are not supposed to curse, or to do anything that has a wrong or sensual perspective, moreover we are advised to do the "ZAKAH" or the Charity...

So... From where I hereby Stand... actually I'm sitting on the couch!, I'd like to wish everyone a happy year, full of satisfaction, success and clear conscious!!

Special Congrats 2 my fella Blogger: Eloquence...Enjoy it Gal!

And Happy Ramadan Everyone!!!:D

One otherthing fellaz... If you have any Comments,Suggestions to put this blog out there, n spice it alittle bit... Now is ur confession time, guys!! Say it OUT LOUD!

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