11 Feb 2009

Works of the PROZ in Ma Faculty

For this Post, I thought I'll Dedicate it to some of those people who inspire me whether by their Techniques or by their Ideology, I had the honour of Having those guys as my teachers and lecturers at my Faculty, and I thank first God and Second them for teaching me alot of deals even if they were just words that they once said! :D Dr. Hanan M. El- Sheikh (Never taught me Academically, But talking to her- or even Chatting- gives me a motive to do Better, To Be Better, & To know that I'm not Only Being an artist for me, But for this younger generation that will come later.
Dr. Emad Rezk (taught me al the way since first yr. in Painting Dept., He's a Very Very Good listener, Very friendly and quiet, and when he gives you the Advice, It's right to the point, and Even though I saw his paintings only this year, technically, as you can see his colourful paintings just brings happiness to me everytime I see them)
Asmaa Al Nawawy (Well... I don't seem to Find words to describe How much I'm a Fan Of the work of this lady! Really. I first knew Asmaa el nawawy through her works like 2 or 3 ys. ago in the annual exhibition "Fel Kadr"- Along side with Moh. Banawy and H. El- sheikh and others- and since then her tech. became one of my Most favourite and a symbol of Elegance, Sharpness and Fluency at the same time, But I met Her in person, only this year, I really didn't know what she looked like, and when they told me that there she was standing rite behind me one day, I couldn't belive it at first coz i always used to see her in our Atelier but I thought she was one of the Fresh Grads. i didn't Know!, and well she's a very good friend of Dr. Hanan El Sheikh, so that also might say alot about her friendly personality! I hope I get to know them both better oneday!)

I also must add the Sincere Professors who are resembles the earlier generations, but unfortunately i still don't have fotos of their Great Works:
-Professor Dr. Saber Mahmoud (Born 1945): (Taught me since my first year in painting, he nearly taught me everything i know form inside the college, and because of the long time teaching us he nearly knows exactly how everyone of us thinks! His theory of teaching is to help the students improve themselves by their ownselves, that's why he never laid a brush stroke in anyone's painting and he never actually painted infront of us before, I don't know any works of him, unfortunately. But I totally respect his teaching opinions and try to take the most info i can get out of him to make myself better!, and to know my level among others)
-Professor Dr. Mamdouh Ammar (Born 1928): He Only taught us this year (the final year), and i must admit that our first interaction wasn't really that happy:) But as soon as i went back home that day i realized that every word he said was exactly right!!, And ever since that day, i thank god everyday that he gave me the chance of learning form that person! Litterally, EVERY WORD that he says, is a Wisdom Quote for me and Hits the target "Bulls Eye" . He's the type of professor/ or better say Mentor, that only helps you when he knows you need him, as long as you don't ask him, he won't suggest anything to you... Fair Enough to me! So just like Dr. Saber, He has the same theory, which is why I never saw any of his paintings, but all that is very well known about him is that he's more of the Academic Style- Unlike Dr. Saber who i guess loves Modigliani.
So to all of them Old or young, Thanks.:)

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