21 Feb 2009

Heads Up... Hands Up

Stereotype 1: "Are you kedding man, of corse I love it, it's mai cantry, z byramidz, the mehwar, the tawar!"
Stereotype 2: "Don’t you dare say something about Egypt, and don’t you even think about saying you don't like living in it!!!"

I bet most of us have either said or heard those two stereotype sentences either to or from one of their friends, and people kept saying those sentences till they became like the new Gucci hit. So chill out lads this won't be a "how or why should you love your country class", but let's assume for a second that all of us really love Egypt-and it truly worth loving- but not for its our homeland but because it worth loving for all that it had and could have back again "GLORY"; The question is what have we done or are we doing to help this old lady back to its youth again, and prove that " ah.. Yeah we love Egypt, and yeah sure we're patriots?!"

Certainly we all agree that patriotism is not just a word, it’s an action, and saying that you love Egypt for 280943839 years is worthless unless you be a grown up an act like one!, and I'm not saying that you wake up next morning and bark demonstrations like those we see, and end up tying the top button in your shirt… love it and be reasonable in making it better.
You can also prove that you’re a patriot through other ways: You can start by doing your work as it should be, prove that conscious is not just a myth, because I'm sure it's inside each one of us, and that's the least that could be done.
You can prove people wrong in a polite debate when they start saying the "Egyptian are stupid, worthless" record, the least that could be said to people like these; " then you see yourself as a worthless stupid person?", and know well that when Egyptians get the chance to prove their intelligence they do.
Before anyone start complaining about the amount of trash in the streets, don't throw anything outside the trash can, and advise anyone you know or see not to do such an action, and believe me it's not a myth, my friend taught me that and let's say it's a pay back to her.
Writing, Drawing, or any sort of art, is a way of exporting and sharing you feelings of, loving your country, and your methodology towards a better nation. And remember not to discuss a problem without suggesting a solution for it!!
Love and respect everyone, as an Egyptian, as an Arab, as a fellow in belief, or even as a Human Being; this will help us discover new ideas, and Quote from them, because "Masterpiece Makers, Started with Cloning from their masters, then they added their own touch to it"
And last but not least remember, true patriotism comes out of pure will, not by wanting people to call you a patriot.

So as you have seen any person can contribute in something to make this country, "Our Country" back on its feet again through the simplest action, and eventually make it a better nation. Knowing that, nobody cares or will care about the good of this country, or this nation but the people who belong to it. No matter what kind of sparkling, glittery alluring change comes from the outside; it won't be as effective as coming from the inside.
So I would like you to mail me and tell me, what you have done, or want to do to prove that… you're the man! , and of course your crits about the article.

Peace Y'all;)


  1. Amen! lol about the trash problem people there will look at you weird if you ask for a trashcan, we were getting some 3aser asab and my brother had some empty chips bags in his hand he asked the guy for a trashcan, the man looked at him dirty took it from him and threw it on the ground!

  2. Hahahaha... Oh Mr. Asaba el Sokari here is Not a Good Civilian I guess!:)