16 Nov 2008

Vector Art (Finding my way through Illustrator:)

Hey guys... last summer i knew some of the illustrator prog. from co-workers, it's an amazing program, I did sum stuff to train myself, including Ts prints, wall papers, background for my and my friends mobiles...etc, Hope you like it.

A background I made to my net Pal, Francesco and the gurl he loves Lamya, Best o luck to u Guys

Animal Skull illustration, I also used as a model for Ts printing
Aren't we all addicted Rockerz!;)


  1. Love the artwork Radzou ;)
    keep it up & Rock On!!

  2. Merci Zouza, je suis heureuse ke tu as passee a mon blog, i'll b updating new Fotoz soOon;)