7 Jan 2017

This post has alot of I's in it

I've always loved the interplay of identities, to be everything I can possibly be, and experiment how people act in return... game still goes, game still shows. Alot you discover from such behavior, whether you do it on purpose or it just happens, for example: I have a thick Egyptian accent, it's debated among my friends "She never finishes a sentence with one language or one accent", this is not something I mean intentionally but I acknowledge it and I'm perfectly fine with it, I got me out of uncomfortable situations "I'm not Egyptian" is enough to put someone to silence, "I'm from Aleppo" was a gateway to tell me how a bus driver thought once about Syrian, "Are you sure you're Egyptian, like "Fully" Egyptian?" -Ummm, well that's debatable.

"Which colour do you (male pronoun) want?" -The grey one with the plaids, thank you sir. I never intended to be identified as a boy, I could've never fathomed he'll identify me as one, I can't do it any other way, I don't have a problem with it, and no, I would not feel the urge to correct him. I later figured how easy it is to navigate in the streets as a boy, than it is a woman. People would bump into you without freaking out or treating you like you're a fragile thing that you need to handle with care, you're like... Safe to be around. I was safe and unproblematic. I never really belonged to a somewhere, and belonged everywhere, I worked and found my call in Human Rights defense, not out of patriotism but out of humanity and trying to fix some of the prejudice I see anywhere in the world. I think If I can be a hulk, and take all the people who face bombings, hate crimes, child abuse, state abuse and negligence, take them to a safe place with a nice lullaby; get back to that stinky planet and just shake it off so hard all the bad people would just fall off into the abyss, I'd like to do so. I love the idea of God, but unlike many, I see my relationship with God a reason not to judge, modify, or critique anyone's relationship with their idea of God or Non-god in that sense... As long as that's what they feel happy, content and creating a more coexistent space, where our ideas are the derive to seek our similarities and look at difference in a delightful way. I hate the double standards people live with "Religion is for god, and nation is for all", "How could you do so?! You're not a Muslim if you did so, people like that burn in Hell (With a kiss from the appropriating society)" Things that needed to be highlighted: People who are capable of producing the utmost kindness, are also capable of being so violent... it's a matter of passion.

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