8 Oct 2013

سين وجيم لا للمحاكمات العسكرية #Infographics #BanMiltrials

Thanks for My Comrades #NoMilTrials
Ragheb and Fouda Thanks for the Notes
من أجل دستور بلا محاكمات عسكرية- مجموعة لا للمحاكمات العسكرية للمدنيين
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This is Not Only for Us who have Voices and A Strong back of some sort of Authority, But Also for those Living with us, and Being Sent to Court Martial Unfairly, While Some People CHEER For Their Jailers, While they recite the Lie after the Other.
2011 "Thugs" 2012 "Rioters" 2013 "Terrorists"
This is to Educate a Nation of its Rich and Poor.
Court Martial is UNFAIR and This is Why... At least in Egypt
هذا العمل ليس فقط من أجل من منا لديه نوع من السند يساعده ضد قمع أو صوت يثبت به حقه، ولكن لمن هم معنا على هذا الوطن يحاكموا أمام محاكمات غير عادلة، فقط لأنها أسرع! بصرف النظر عن وضع العدل فى هذه الطاحونة، بل ويجدون من يهلل لسجانيهم بالخارج، بينما يكذب السجان الكذبة تلو الأخرى.
2011 "بلطجية" 2012 "مثيرو شغب" 2013 "إرهابيين"
هذا لتعلم أمة بفقيرها وغنيها، أنك حتى إن إختلفت مع شخص، لا يجب أن ترضى بظلم

1 comment:

  1. Good, but still not good enough.
    You missed two points:
    1) Everyone is innocent until proven guilty! You may be subjected to a military trial without actually committing any crime. This should serve as a primary point for the counter-argument, because there will always be people who believe that some crimes are so horrific that should result in denying the perpetrator from basic rights such as the right to fair trial (Hint: war on terrorism).
    2) The scope of crimes specified by the constitution/law includes pretty much everything. Mention one or two REAL-LIFE examples, gas stations, car accidents, hotels, ..etc that people can relate to. It's all about making the reader relate to this and fear for him self and the people he cares about :)

    Needless to say, you are really talented and creative. Just cutting through the sweet talk and hoping that my positive criticism gets across. Respect and administration to the all the folks over NoMilTrials :)

    P.S,Found about the infograph from Mona Seif's re-tweet:

    ~Ahmed Hassan