29 Apr 2013

A Lesson for a young Designer

A while ago, i quit my job as an Art Director at a small agency, and decided to try feelancing, and before you say it.. I left on very good terms.

I'm telling you people and especially young designers, Do Not Lose people as much as you gain one. Their experience is a real Treasure.

Moving on, being a newbie in freelance business, I learnt a lesson today: "Put the horse where the horseman wants it to be".

DESIGN Is about You, in Utopia, but this Motha' Earth, Design Is about the Client as well!
Take today, i designed 4 templates for a roll-up, 3 that i liked and 1 that i didn't that much, Guess which one was picked?!

Don't worry, The bright side of it is that it teaches you a thing or two about the General Taste of Les Gents (The people)!! :)

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