17 Jan 2012

Graffiti WAR- Running for my "Art"

That's how it all started, a gathering a time and a place...
 أسفل: دول اللى بوظوا الجرافيتى بعد اما رسمناه مباشرة
او بمعنى اصح دول كلاب المأمور
THOSE were the guys who messed up the Graffiti later


the Final work that lasted for a short while in reality, but hopefully not Virtually

بعد لحظات من رسمها وقيام الامن بمحاولة اخفائها
بيحاربوا الجرافيتى باى شكل
Seconds after we Left inspectors who were standing there already messed it up... with a rag and a black paint!

Place: Mahmoud Bassiouny street- Downtown- Cairo
 الجولة الثانية- نسوية!;) Round two- Feminists
(The following is my first Public attack for women, it goes to all the feminists I kn(o)ew to fight for their rights mentioning in particular: 
Nadine Moawad- Leil Zahra Mortada- Sally Zohney- Samira Ibrahim and women like her- Dr. Ghada- Dr. Farida Women like them- My female friends& Last but not least...MY Mum
 We look up to u guys

this dude was being sot of... well no not sort HE Was A JERK! & To make it worst the Black spray was finished at the "ة" Letter :S
after giving up on the Black Spray the ORANGE Came in Handy:p

"Noun el Neswa hate5la3 el magles"- Women will divorce the Scaf
While we finished that one, I had the cheers of Samira Ibrahim (The fighter against the scaf for the Virginity Tests in March) and Dr. Ghada (The girl who was the victim of being dragged by the Martial Police Fags) 

Place: near Elbrens restaurant in Downtown (again)
Omar Oun...the new friend I gained on the ride:D
Thanks to:
Mostafa Abdel-Aty for the fotography and the greater than great company. Full Album Here
Rana- Mai- Menna- Menna(another one!:))- Habiba- Amina- Nesma- Omar all those who joined and To all those who are cheering for us for doing that!:D


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