1 Dec 2011

"Little Boy" My Installation at #Egypt Youth Salon

A Real-Life-Size Model for the True Little Boy Bomb

The Little Boy in Labor:P

When the topic “change” was suggested as the topic for this year’s salon, War was one of the first ideas that came to my mind, Wars that ended the life of millions of innocent people because of their race, belief, or identity, and of course there was always the hidden agenda of the occupying country- beside “Peace” or “Self-Defence”.

Out of this idea came my work that revolves around ridiculing one of the most notorious figures of war against humanity in modern history “Hiroshima’s Nuclear Bomb”, through making a smaller figure of the original bomb using light-weight materials similar to that used in the Mexican “Piñata”, and aiding the composition with posters of Poems against war translated from English to Arabic and documentary photos of post war destruction, bearing in mind to stay away from the graphic ones.

The name of the work came from the name of the Hiroshima bomb itself, which is obviously a provocative and ironic name to call a bomb, and the idea of the candies placed inside the ‘little boy’ comes as mentioned earlier from the piñata which symbolises overcoming the evil and temptations, and the benefits you get after combating (beating) it.
Radwa Fouda 2011

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