15 Dec 2011

#Egypt Have a Que in #EgyElections #Photography

Before we go, I'd like to Say, Everyone who spoke to me before Knows i WAS NOT Voting... I did a Prayer, and my motive for Voting was:

-Though We all hate the SCAF's Freaking Butts, and I personally don't find it Legitimate to Run my country OR to send me to trial, and i'm pretty sure i can find some Millions who Support that opinion.
But..We had good candidates running for the Parliament, People who are some of the Voices in Tahrir, weather Liberals, or Socialists, or New Parties who adopt various Ideas. I Hope Those Brothers would Get my voice heard, EVEN IF They're staying for a couple of days. so Basically it was: "If you can't get all of it... Don't lose all of it"

It's Also our duty- at some point- to encourage people to VOTE... not just for NOW, they have to know that THEIR Voice Matter, that Me, College educated and "Cultured" as some might call it Care for sharing w/ my voice, and so should they, Coz They'll BENEFIT even more of their Voices that I will. 

One of the Voting Places in Giza, in the Morning

Same Place as above
NOW COMES MY "LAGNA" Voting Lot :)
Army officers were really nice, at least the ones i Witnessed, they organized everything & Helped the Old

THE QUE... I stayed like 2 hrs for the whole thing... 1:30 Hr. in that  Que ONLY

heh! We're Getting there...
I was right after the Lady In that Blue Top... Checking the ID Part

The Honorable Judge, also very nice and tolerant

Yeahhh... the BALLOOTTSS... Here I go!!
And Finally....

Made sure the EAGLE Stamp is THERE! i-VOTED

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