28 Dec 2010

Young Muslims in the Modern world! -MUST C!

This Blog is one of those blogs I could call "Culturo-religious" Blogs, I think the best way to Describe it is how they describe themselves:
"This blog is the documentation of some thoughts and reflections of a small group of youth holding strong to their Muslim identities (including all Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern, contemporary, traditional and all other facets of those identities). It is a chance to express thoughts, ask questions, search, and discuss."

It is NOT an Islamic teachings blog, but it Shows How those two Muslim Youth, see the modern culture and the Islamic teachings in the Modern world.
And let me say, I happened to have the Honor of knowing the Bloggers of that Blog, and every time I meet one of them I feel how much The blessings of Allah in Giving someone knowledge and adding it with Faith could be, Mashallah.
"Dongxiang minority student discussing a ...Image via Wikipedia
In a brief info F. & Dee as they usually sign in their posts:) are two Egyptian gals, who were raised on Islamic teachings, and Lived parts of their lives Abroad, making them more approachable of how the Muslims in General and Muslim Youth in Particular really Are in the western world.
They still travel alot, which is something- to tell you the truth guys- is just something I'd love to do as frequently as they do! and that Keeps them standing into A more GLOBAL Birds Eye view of the World:)
They've both got reading as a Hobby, and Reading in Contemporary Islam is something they usually do, which makes them a reference for me. And their reading also makes them Amazing writers especially Dee. (She should write a book someday!)

As forF. is an artist, a really good one for that matter, and her last Post was what made do that One! It Simply Discussed how some Muslim artists handle Muslim related issues in their art works, evidencing that debate with Two Artists, their artworks and what they said about their Philosophy, and how they believe Provocation could be a method in art!
I Definitely Advise you to see that Post: "We only have ourselves to blame"
And the BLOG.

From My site, beside my recommendation I can only pray to Allah, He saves and blesses those two girls and Increase their Knowledge, Humbleness, and Faith.
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  1. May God shower you with His blessings, for your kindness, R.
    It is humbling that you see benefit in our posts, el hamdouliLlah
    People like you are the one who make a difference
    May God make you grow to be the international, famous, pious artist you want to be, and make you of the dwellers of Paradise. Amin :)