5 Oct 2010

Climbing Highest Peak in Egypt!

It started like this... Last Monday my friends "Dee"& "Dev." invited me to a weekend "Trip" to Mount St.Katherine Sainai, Wanting to discover a new place in my country& seeing it a chance to unwind from stress, I instantly agreed, in an Hr. i had sent my friend my ID and the next day it was all set up!
I asked my work mate n friend for his Camping bag, since it's actually a "Hiking Trip" and I left on Thursday night frm Baron palace. Eshta?!
I had a nice 9hr. drive with 'Am ahmed( aka best long ways driver ever), along with Dee, Dev. and 3 other foreigners, in a small mini-van apart frm the rest of the guys in a BIG Bus- Why?- well, coz tourism police laws say that foreigners(especially American) should ride in a separate bus! but It was realllly Fun!
We arrived to the Base Camp @ 6:00 a.m. we quickly changed, prayed and put our Camp bags at the camp, while taking our Hiking Bags with us, i took 2 Small water bottles -I definitely under estimated what was coming next!!-
6:30 A.M we started hiking, walking and walking and walking we rested after 4.5 KM for a while and then we continued walking walking walking.....BORED YET!!! well only shortly after, we reached Summit... Yeah! you wish!!! Exactly 10hrs and 5min. Later, I reached the Highest Peak in Egypt!
I was so tired... Frustrated... Pain was nothing compared to what i felt! but on the other hand...I felt a huge...no MASSSIVE amount of Pride and Joy, and thirst!:D
We attended the Sunset at the summit, and the whole bunch of approx. 30 persons of us started it's way Down!.... This is When you should seriously Say you prayers, if i Had the chance to say the Whole QURAN, I could have... The road is Slippery, Rocky, Verry Narrow at some points, and you definitely don't want to look off the Edge!!
It quickly got dark and we opened our Flash lights, but Wait.... I don't have One!!:S
By that time i got to know one of the Foreigners that were with us Katerina Vladimirovna ( Kate), Frm Belarus... and Belive me I had to read her second name to know it, and i still can't get around her Final one!
and for the 4Hrs. Back she was my guide! Bless you "Kate":) while "Dee" was "Dev's" Guide!!
12:30 A.M we FINALLY reached Base camp back again...First thing, I went to the Loo, Yeah! I have to mention that coz frm 6:00 am the previous day till that moment I DIDN'T Use my simplest human right!!:S I Honestly didn't realize how much was that either, or how Long My Bladder could Hold?!... Well, moving on from the Nature call!, We all were sorted to our rooms...Not that we even Cared where we'll sleep...Dee, Dev., Kate and Me shared not only the room But the BED! and Yeah! it has to be in CAPITAL coz Last time i checked I didn't like sharing a bed with anyone! I was really that TIRED!! at 1:00 AM or sth i Had changed...no, Skinned Off my Dusty Hiking Clothes, Changed into P.J, Prayed, Had Dinner, Had a PANDOL, and HIT THE BLOODY SAC. Feeling as Happy and Exhausted as i Have never been before...
 Follows are fotos taken by various ppl, coz My still camera was jammed so i only Video Taped (will upload it later isa with the Sketches!! ^-^)

Mousa- Our Guide... Turbo Guide infact (Kate's Cam)

Tarek, Yasser, Me- first stop...the mount is on the opposite side BTW!:P(Karim's Cam, i guess!)
Dee and Me having a Summit Snack- after i woke up frm a summit Nap!(Kate's Cam)
On the first stop on the way down- Dee n I Discussing Symbology bet. Devils horn and ILY!

Yeah! we ROCK the Rocks... Dev., Kate, and I.

Group Foto( Yehia's Cam)

@La Hacienda on the way back home, All One Piece elhamdulillah!(Kate's Cam)
 Many Thanks To:
-Yehia El Decken& Mohamed Atef @ Weekend Trips. I Can Never thank you guys enuf for such a gr8 Organization and Experience."U will owe me a Nutella next trip isa!:P:D)
-Yasser& Tarek For hookin' me up in Alex. best spots and the telling me about the Bestest Camping trips they've ever had with WETrips.
-Yehia Kandil for the amazing Fotography during the trip and enduring such Pain after an unfortunate event with his CAT Troopers.
- Every single person in the FALL ST. KATHERINE Hike... You Have been Such Super rockin' cooool Ppl I'm So Glad, I Ever met you!
- AND, Last but definitely before everything, DEE., DEV., KATE (For being such WOW Hiking Companions, I'm Super happy I Ever Met you Girls!) and Dee. and Dev. again, for Inviting me over, never could've known it without u gals!
                                                                             - wait for the Sketchies...SOoon!:D


  1. I WISH ANYONE COULD HAVE TOLD ME!!!! i feel so envious... hehehe dont worry im not that evil :D glad u had a good time there radz, its a very beautiful place, wish i could go there and left alone for a couple of weeks and have no human contact at all (cast away style :D:D me and my sketchbook a.k.a. wilson :D)

    Aya Zakaria

  2. Now ur talking... Cast away, that was probably what everyone was thinking out loud there... we were telling Yehia"the organizer" Can't you leave us here for a couple of weeks or so... no TV no ads not even a good mob. network!! Ahhh... we Wilson Hayz2tat ma3ana sa3etha, you can even end up making your very own Charcoal sticks!:D
    ... Wake up Radz!