12 Sep 2010

Suheir Hammad- Mike Check

I tried to google up to find that poetry by Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad, and I couldn't find it in Words, Only Videos, So here are the words,
It's as i think, a suitable Word of the Day

Mike check 1,2, 1,2, can you hear me?
Audience: Yeah!
Mike check 1,2, Mick check my bags at the airport;
In a random, routine check,
I understand Mike, I do,
You too were altered that day,
& most days, most folks operate on Fear,
Often hate, this is, Mike check, your job,
& I am always random, I understand,
It was folks, who looked, smelled,
May be prayed like me, Can you hear me?
Mike, red check, with blonde buzz cut corn, flower eyes,
And a cross round your neck; Mike check,
Folks who looked like you,
Thanks so bad the Indians smelled them before they landed,
They murdered 1,2, 1,2 as they prayed,
Spread small pox as arms.
Mike check, Yes! I pack my own bags,
Can you hear me, No!, they have not been out of my possession.
Thanks Mike, You have a good day too,
1,2 Check Mike, check Mike;
Hey yo’ Mike!, Who’s gonna check YOU?!


  1. i loved that poem, have you listened to her other stuff? i think this is one of her better ones though

  2. Yeah... i listened to Daddy's Song, many times and I just listened to What i will! Damn, I love that girl!