9 Oct 2009

Voila!! The book review i told you about!

Book review of Sarah Ivens’
“No Regret- 101 things to do before you’re too old, pregnant, or married”

After the first chapter, I knew that spending money on a Sarah Ivens’ book is definitely a “NO REGRET”, It’s a delightful, well- written book, and an “all easy and breezy” one, I decided to take it with me wherever I go, so whenever I get the chance, I sneak into its short chapters, feeling like Little Charlie while opening his Bar of chocolate!:) The eloquence, easy language, the feeling I got, especially when she describes Food- God she just makes me wanna jump right on the plate she’s talking about- and generally she gives you that comfy feeling that you’re sitting with her on your favorite café, just chit-chatting with her.

The book provides you with tips and tricks through a better QoL (Quality of life), so you see it’s not just a book about some blond Brit, writing her pink diaries, It’s got some really Good Stuff in it, It teaches you new ways to discover your limits, explore more of the world around you… I think it hit me now the perfect metaphor: “It’s like she teaches you how to wonder on the big garden of life, and what flowers you should try and Pick!, and a gal like me found it a good reference to new ways, to go Crazier!

About the Author: Sarah Ivens is a successful editor in chief in OK! Magazine, the U.S edition, she’s born& bred in London- and you probably should know now that when it comes to books, Brits are my BIG NO.1- who lives in Brooklyn, USA. She’s a bestselling author in Britain-Hell yeah!- and “No regrets” is her American debut of 7 Published books.

From the remarkable chapters:

·Mater a foreign language
·Rock the microphone at Karaoke
·Eat in a fancy restaurant all by yourself
·Explore religious teachings from a tradition you weren’t raised in(Yoga anyone!!)