25 Oct 2009

Need Ur Votes!!!

Hey Folks, So... Here's my MINI Story,Ever since i discovered the MINI Competitions Site I have been up to probably every Design competition they do, I mean They make really Coool competitions, So y not! I even share in the fotography sometimes, And even though i never won, YET, but At least I'm trying!... So I NEED UR VOTES ON MY DESIGN FOR THIS Design Competition! So please:

Enter- Sign up (It's Free!)- Search for my Design in the 50th anniversary Competition (Username: Radz) and VOTE VOTE VOTE

OH! And it's a Special competition for me Coz i just found out that MINI is as old as Mumy and she's also A Little Lady!=)... Guss it was a Generation of Little ppl! LOL

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