11 Jul 2009

Rania Fouad! My Sensei and Another one ur MUST C List!

painting Youyou, originally uploaded by rania fouad.

Still on everytime I Hold a Soft Pastel and Start to Draw, I remember her sitting with us, back 5 ys ago and Drawing with us, to demonstrate how and when and what and why should you use that colour Right her right now!
Now 5 ys later, thanks to her, I'm finishing my Graduation Project, Thanks to her, I'm known among my class for my Palette, and thanks to her for her paintings are such an inspiration!
Domo Arigato SenSei!:) She's Studying Now in Japan! n God i wish i knew her more through the past yrs. as much as my pals Farida, Sara, n Momo did!

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